The Power of Mindset: How To Set Yourself To Do Whatever You Want

I was thinking about why some people manage to accomplish their goals while others don’t. Sometimes it is easier to come up with excuses and even find comfort in words such as it’s easier said than done. There is no doubt this sentence is true because if accomplishing goals was easy then everyone would be happier and there would be no place for the self-help book industry. Most of us would not fail their New Year’s resolution list or swap a workout session for hours in front of a screen. Is it lack of willpower? Right information? Tools? Time? Money? What makes a person win their game?

While it’s important to remain compassionate towards ourselves, at what extent are we facilitating our own ruin? How much of our inaction can be credited to the lack of motivation and enthusiasm? I remember that when I first started being more serious regarding my bodybuilding training, I was pretty clear about one thing: there will be days in which it will not be fun to workout and yet I will have to find a way to make ends meet. This week I found myself operating from this exact same principle when I realised that I must choose between keeping on the move or being paralysed by fear and anxiety.

The ego mind is very likely to play tricks on us and unless we learn to master its game we can’t go very far. We will keep relapsing and breaking the promises we make to ourselves and others. It’s a tough job; it’s hard work really but you must become acquainted with the way the mind functions so that you can remove what’s preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. You have to tame your mind by working on your mindset and programing your day to day to be on top of your game. This week, for instances, I realised I do need to go to sleep before midnight if I want to feel good, rested and ready to keep building.

If you don’t pay attention to your inner game and make amendments as you see fit, chances are that you will not be successful at accomplishing your goals, even if those goals are as simple as taking a 10-minute walk during your lunch break. You have to be constantly pushing your mental limits and reinforcing the mindset you need to make it happen. This means you pay mindful attention to your thoughts and feelings and that you embrace the experience of talking to yourself in a non-violent way. Talk to yourself as if you were you own coach.

Learn the art of building your energy up through the power of positive and reinforcing messages. You can use inspiring quotes, texts, videos, and even music. Find what works best to keep your mind pumped and energised. Over the last couple of weeks, I have used 90s music to remain positive and mentally active. Other times I use videos to have a motivational boost. What works best for you depends on who you are and how you are feeling at the moment, so take the chance to be curious and explore different options. As long as you feed your mind with good stuff, you will see your productivity and focus rise.

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