12 Life Principles

I wrote down these principles on a notebook just as they popped in my head over time.

1. Always postpone an argument or discussion whenever you or someone else is either tired or defensive.

2. To plan is always better than doing nothing at all.

3. You are always on your own. People may come by, but you can’t be sure they will be around when you need them the most.

4. Never speak or make a decision when your emotions are boiling you down.

5. When life kicks you in the balls, you must find refuge on gratitude for the little things.

6. Always try your best to do what’s right, even if that scares you or makes you lose the game.

7. Be with someone who lifts you up, not with someone who lets you down.

8. People that throw mud at you don’t deserve your time and energy.

9. Don’t let your ego prevent you from giving love.

10. Only give time to people who can make a positive contribution to your force field. And make sure you are one of those people.

11. You don’t want to hold tight to a stupid investment, but you don’t want to be a chicken either when things get a bit shakier. This is valid for human relationships too.

12. One day you’re the best, another a beast. Live your own life and don’t sacrifice your wellbeing.

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