New Moon in Taurus Energy Reading

For this New Moon in Taurus the Tarot and my guides suggest that both mainstream and alternative forms of media will continue to show us conflicting information. People are struggling to identify what is true and not true. This new reading also mirrors a previous reading I conducted back in March, which suggested that there would be changes in the financial system. Let’s not forget that Taurus symbolises money, material goods, and beauty.

New Moons are associated with cleansing, relaxation and dreaming. They are a rich cosmic moment to reassess what happened for us throughout the last lunar cycle and to question what would we like the future to be. Where do we want to go next? What do we want to accomplish? What can we do differently from now on? What can we aim to change in our life?

Whether you are moon sensitive or don’t believe in the power of the moon on human behaviour, we can all benefit from creating a mental, emotional and spiritual discipline around the moon cycle. I personally like to think and feel new moons as a special moment in time to go within and dream, set new plans and cast new seeds. I usually feel very tired around this time, but it’s also very exciting from an internal point of view. My mind gets racy, hopeful and thrilled by the chance to create new possibilities.

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