Revelation Antarctica: War in the Moon (68)

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 When you let your imagination free and use it to see anything is possible.

  • UFOs are hovering over cinemas showing the new “Star Peace” epic, although creative people can’t see them.
  • “Coincidence Control” drives synchronicity, helping us discover our own destiny.
  • Past lives are remembered and frozen souls from ancient Antarctica are reincarnating among us…

 Just three of the 99 illustrated narratives, articles and disclosures
echoing quantum physics on the other side of time.

This is where 12 life-changing revelations unfold:

Esoteric awakening – Lunar Matrix domination – a Medium’s Message
and much, much more.

All of which can also be read at random
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Revealing how Revelation Antarctica
can become your personal Oracle.

Unless illusory “time” runs out first…

About Revelation Antarctica

Written by Gordon Keirle-Smith, Revelation Antarctica is a book rich in provocative content and rich visuals designed to entice your imagination and guide you through a journey that will make you question humanity’s origins, the impact of the Moon on human behaviour, the existence of a highbred elite wanting to keep humanity under control, among other interesting topics such as reincarnation and mediumship. In a partnership with The Wellbeing Blogger, Gordon Keirle-Smith has been publishing and sharing items of his awesome book here on the blog and to which you can find hyperlinks to here.

This week’s item:

– 68 –
War in the Moon

SP-Scene 67 take 7

Pindar calls together the Security Council to address the situation.

            “These dogs have sealed themselves off in areas 5, 7, 8 and 9,” it bellows, banging a Reptilian claw on the table. ”And initiated rotation to gradually reduce the intensity of the Matrix until the entire Dark Side is facing Aeorth. At which point we will have no control over what they are thinking down there.”

            “But it will return as our vessel continues to rotate,” points out Bindar.

            “But only for three pathetic days,” Pindar snarls. “Before it starts waning again. We can’t control what’s going on with three miserable days! Even worse, there will be at least five or six days every month when our shape-shifting Elite hybrids will not be able to hide their identity.”

            “How is that likely to play out in real terms?” queries Garosh-Indar, the senior on-Moon Matrix Master.

            “It’s all too simple,” explains Bindar. “Without full Matrix influence, many of the humans will at least be able to see the eyes… Maybe even more. Our half-brothers will be all too easy to identify.”

            “What other effects can we expect?” Pindar is beginning to overcome its pure rage and starting to speak strategically again.

            “Even more important could be a significant increase in independent thought among the Mants[1]. Instead of being numbed by worshipping their devices or their limitative religious dogmas, the veil will begin to lift. This could result in a wave of original thought, varying degrees of self-awareness and other consequences we cannot yet imagine.”

            “So this will have even more impact than the renegade Master-ships and their silent witness strategy during the ‘Star Peace’ event?”

            “Much more, my Lord,” asserts Bindar. “We are facing a very real danger of seeing an increasing wave of self-realisation on Aeorth. Coupled with our half-ones becoming identifiable for at least some of the time. In the end, this could mean us losing a good part of our influence.”

            “The obvious solution would be to stop this festering curse at its source. What are their weaknesses?”

            “My Lord, this operation has been very carefully planned.”

            “I don’t want to hear how clever they are, you festering worm,” hisses Pindar, the anger mounting again. “I want to know how we can penetrate their lair, smoke them out, drag them here before us and watch them die in the most extreme sufferance OUR creativity can imagine.”

            Dargon, the master strategist, silent until this point, steps forward. “My Lord, neutralising the areas held by the rebels can only be achieved by some kind of destructive force to wipe out all those involved in this plot.”

            “Do you not hear what I am saying?” bellows Pindar. “I want them to suffer here. I want to cut out their hearts with my own claws!”

            “We could also always rebuild a replacement aspect drive,” suggests Bindar.

            “No. Take far too long in Mant time.”

            “But my Lord,” Dargon tries to explain. “We have to do it in any case. There is no western aspect drive any more in place to counteract the drive these rebels have activated. The area has been converted into your Imperial Pleasure Palace…”

Pindar’s fury hits new heights upon being reminded of this “miscalculation”. Just how long the rant lasts is impossible to measure in a dimension where time does not exist.

Dargon waits for an appropriate opening to intervene in the “Now”.

            “My Lord,” it finally manages to interject. “In this case, we must drill our way in.”

            “At last some sanity in this madness.” Pindar starts to descend from the summit of rage again. “Have we everything we need to do that?”

            “It should all be in the store. But drilling through titanium is quite a challenge.”

            “Then we meet the putrid challenge! And we confront these pathetic worms. And we drag them out…”

Dargon tries to reason with Pindar, once again trying to make its Lord understand that, even if they are successful in penetrating the rebels’ lair, they still cannot stop the lunar rotation threatening to bring about such a fundamental change on Aeorth and among its Mant population.

Set design for the Ichiltis sequences with “Flying Stone”

The next sequence of scenes shows the preparations being made to begin the drilling operations. Instruments of war are also seen being assembled in preparation for the assault.

Meanwhile, inside the “rebel” camp, strategies are being defined to manage the outcome of the confrontation. Events capable of bringing Aeorth out of its superficial, ephemeral obsession with a linear present. The first opportunity in Human/Mant history for the population to escape the quantum paradox designed to confuse and minimalise genuine values, swamping them with superficiality.

[1] “Mants” is the disparaging term often used by the Reptilians for the indigenous people of Earth (also known as “Feblings”).

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