Making Time for Self-Healing & Self-Defense

After writing yesterday’s post, I had two insights. The first is that, due to my sensitivity and psychic abilities, relationships with people are much more complex and a greater source of distress simply because I haven’t managed to switch on and off my sensing gift at will. The second is that I’m always eager to offer healing to other people, diagnose their problem and channel the best solution but I don’t do it for myself and it’s about time I take it seriously and as a personal responsibility. I need to stop being stubborn and I must keep the old skeptic scientist in me at bay sometimes.

Checking-in with my chakras, taking a bath with salt water to remove what is not mine, visualising white-golden light travelling through my body, giving myself a self-massage to ease tension and receive some pranic healing… all these have effects on my wellbeing and yet the old fashioned scientist keeps refusing to do the work saying that it’s all bonkers. It isn’t though, and proof of that is other people’s reactions and recovery when I either offer them pranic healing or advise them on what to do to alleviate their suffering.

To be honest, I still struggle to accept my other world nature and now that I think about it that’s probably why people around me rarely take my word seriously at first. If I don’t fully embrace my psychic nature, how can others do it? If I’m always doubting and questioning myself about the way I receive information, how can others not do it? Every one is a teacher and a student, a mirror to expand and test our learning curve. This is what I said on a YouTube video that airs next Saturday and it’s also the exercise I’ve been trying to do. What are other people showing me? What aspects of me do I need to change?

When we change something within us, external reality follows. If I fully accept my gifts, other people will be more likely to accept them. If I take better care of my energy body, other people will be more likely to respect my energy boundaries too. I’ve been complaining and aching because other people continuously trespass my bubble and yet I’m the one responsible for it as I didn’t take the time to do the work and protect my aura. I didn’t align my chakras on a regular basis, I didn’t shield myself, and most of all I didn’t offer myself the healing I needed. I didn’t even ask myself.

Sometimes I like to be different but other times I unconsciously sabotage my wellbeing because I don’t want to be different and I just want to lead a normal life. I’m in a constant love/hate relationship with myself and that can only bring disturbances into my health and relationships. Even the work I’ve been trying to do for so many years now gets constantly affected. Although who I am requires me to live a human life that is not common, I must accept my differences, that I perceive reality differently, that I’m an adult with special needs and there’s no reason to be ashamed of it.

We experience ourselves as the true self the moment we let go of trying to control outcomes. What the Intuitive-Sensitive wants in life is to find a level of self-acceptance.

From the book ‘Highly Intuitive Person’ by Heidi Sawyer

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