Downloads From Above

I recently mentioned my intuitive skills and I’d like to expand today on a topic that has fascinated me since day one and which has also kept the old fashion scientist within me on guard. Downloads. You know what an internet download is. You visit a page and you download something from it. It can be an image, a document, an audio file. You choose to receive and save information that is no more than a specific configuration of zeroes and ones. How does the image show up in your screen and gets stored in your drive? You can’t say it’s magic, can you? Most of us don’t know, however, the language that enables us to do it. The same happens with spiritual downloads.

I can’t say I have fully understood the language but I know that what I receive is quite right 99.9% of the time and I’m not joking or trying to portray myself as a superhuman. I’m not and you can see right through my cracks if you pay attention to what I write and say. I do have problems and traumas to heal but I also have a way to tap into a dimension that I didn’t know was actually possible. We have been bombarded with movies that talk about extra-sensory perception (ESP) and yet we tend to assume that’s all bonkers and fiction. It took me a long while to accept that ESP is not fiction and some of us do indeed have paranormal abilities.

One of these abilities is to receive information from other reality layers. Some say it comes from ascended masters, others say it comes from aliens, and some others say it comes from God. I don’t know from where it comes exactly but I do know it comes, and I have tested it at my own personal cost. Whenever I chose to ignore or pretended I didn’t hear a thing, I paid for my mistake later on. I either missed opportunities or suffered somehow. There is great wisdom in listening to what many call intuition. It might be just that, intuition, but there are times in which I don’t simply get a hunch about something and I have whole conversations instead.

For instances, this past week I was told over and over again to watch X-Man. Initially, I rebelled against it. I always do to be honest but then I remember what happens when I don’t listen to that inner voice. So I watched X-Man, even though I don’t particularly like superhero movies. While I was growing up, I would change my tv channel if I bumped into some superhero movie. As a result, I never watched Batman, Superman and all the others. I only watched Spider Man and it’s probably my favourite superhero as I have no clue about the others anyway. I watched X-Man last night though, and the story completely resonated with me: Xavier has a school for gifted youngsters also known as human mutants.

It’s not the first time I’m pointed out in the direction of the word mutant. I remember to focus on this word when I was studying biology at high school. At that time I didn’t know I was part of a 20% group of people who have hypersensitive nervous systems and can therefore tap into different dimensions of reality. This includes the spiritual downloads I mentioned earlier. Besides receiving what seems random information at first, like the X-Man movie, I also receive information regarding people’s problems, traumas and personalities. I may have never met them but if you start talking about someone, I can literally tune into that person’s energy field and see what is going with her. I’ve done this unconsciously and more recently as a way to prove myself of what I can do.

It’s not very fun though. Once I tap into someone’s field, I can know their feelings and thoughts but I can also trap myself within that information and become confused about what is mine and what isn’t. If I’m in a room with someone and I’m not very aware of my own energy, I can easily absorb the other person’s feelings and thoughts to the point that I even think those are my own feelings and thoughts. This is what makes relationships really difficult for me. It’s an energetic enmeshment, and it becomes a serious problem if I don’t work on being grounded and energetically balanced on a constant basis. In addition, I tend to repress emotions, especially anger – and if I repress for more than one you can imagine how that’s another nail in my coffin.

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