Revelation Antarctica: Lord Harkwood’s Study (04)

Following the storyline of last week’s item, Harkwood Hall, this week we dive deeper into the secrets of the Harkwood family. What will young William learn out about his ancestry? And about humanity’s hidden history? What is Harkwood the family’s role in this world? Read or listen to this week’s item thoroughly and let your imagination guide you throughout interesting and very provocative information about UFOs, bloodlines and initiations.

About Revelation Antarctica

Written by Gordon Keirle-Smith, Revelation Antarctica is a book rich in provocative content and rich visuals designed to entice your imagination and guide you through a journey that will make you question humanity’s origins, the impact of the Moon on human behaviour, the existence of a highbred elite wanting to keep humanity under control, among other interesting topics such as reincarnation and mediumship. In a partnership with The Wellbeing Blogger, Gordon Keirle-Smith has been publishing and sharing items of his awesome book here on the blog and to which you can find hyperlinks to here.

This week’s item:

– 04 –
Lord Harkwood’s Study

In all of his twenty-one years, this is only the third time William has been invited into his father’s first floor inner sanctum at the far end of the east wing. He closes his eyes, draws a deep breath and knocks…

The young man’s mind is racing as Lord Harkwood opens the door and ushers his only son to the strait-backed chair in front of his desk. The inner-sanctum is not as big as he remembered it, but the massive heavily carved, dark brown furniture, remained unchanged. It was here, at the tender age of five, where he learned the mother who loved him so much had been killed in a tragic shooting accident… It was also here, two years later, that his father had spoken to him of the “important” meetings held at Harkwood Hall every year, ordering him to keep his distance from these events and never speak of them to anyone else.

            “The time has come at last,” says Lord Harkwood, “A day I have been looking forward to because it means I can finally share some of the family secrets I have lived with for the past sixteen years.”

Family secrets? William is all ears…

            “What is sometimes not easy to bear, is the way these family secrets do not only concern our family. Ultimately, they concern all of humanity.”

William is now on the edge of his seat…

“William, my boy… Have you ever heard the expression, ‘We are not alone’…?”

            “Of course. ETs… UFOs… I’ve always been fascinated by things like that. The very idea…”

            “Yes, yes… But I’m not talking about Sci-Fi, Space movies or video games. I’m talking about the real thing.”

            “So am I,” says William, surprising himself by the conviction in his reply.

            “Are you indeed? Very good news. However, there is much more at stake. Now, as you know, meetings are held here every year, coinciding with the Spring New Moon. These are very important meetings bringing together some of the most influential people on the planet.”

William says nothing, deciding not to reveal he has carefully monitored the comings and goings of those attending these meetings for almost fourteen years. But he must say something.

            “Oh.” he tries to sound surprised. “But why here?” A question he has never been able to answer with any certainty. Even though he has some suspicions…

            “Simply because Harkwood Hall was built on a very ancient site. Going back to the Druids. Before the Romans came to Britain…”  

            It makes sense. But doesn’t explain everything. “So is there a connection between ETs and the Druids?”

            “There most certainly is.”

In the course of the next half hour, Lord Harkwood transmits the essence of secret lore rooted in ancient teachings, themselves the transmission of doctrines reaching far, far back into the human dimension of time. He tells his son of the “Angels” who came to the blue planet when the indigenous bipeds were ready to be instilled with a higher level of consciousness. Then, once they could produce fresh “chalices” for new souls, they were able to help them become aware and evolve over the span of many lifetimes until they could aspire to tread the path of their progenitors.

“From time immemorial, the Harkwoods have been one of the Elite families in the world with strains of the Angels, Seraphim, or Aerauma in their chalices. Our way of saying we have extra-planetary genes in our DNA.

“This means we are part terrestrial and part extraterrestrial, which is why initiates often refer to us as the ‘Highbred Elite’.

“But what matters most now is to make sure we perpetuate this supremacy, this direct ‘Bloodline’,

so our families can continue to control and direct the affairs of this planet. It is for our good as well, since dominating is always better than being dominated, but also because humanity’s original divine qualities have been stifled for so long. This ensures they will continue being unable to deploy all their functions and go on blindly serving us as they have done for so many, many millennia.”

William’s mind is spinning. “Higher consciousness?”, “Strains of Angels?”, “Elite families…?” He had never, ever, imagined his father speaking of things like this.  

            “So all of this… is connected with the meetings here at the Spring New Moon…?” he blurts out.

            “I see you have made some connections,” says Lord Harkwood, nodding. “Excellent; a real Harkwood.”

            “But who comes to these meetings? And what for?”

            “That is something I cannot reveal to you now. You must be duly initiated in our Temple before you can enter the Square and fully commune with those on the Path.

            “Remember, it is built on an ancient Druid site charged with great telluric power located directly beneath the Hall’s wine cellars. Ancient rites have been performed there for thousands of years. And still are… But there are other things you need to know about first.”

Lord Harkwood goes on to tell his son of certain prophesies and signs already indicating the coming of “Great movements in the Heavens and upon Earth”. Events foretold in the Haakon Urn manuscripts discovered in Antarctica in 1962 and translated by Professor J. G. Harkwood, one of the family’s Australian branch.

            “This is the actual text, as your distant great cousin translated it,” he says, poring over a document on his desk.

“And there will come a time when scales shall fall from these our children’s eyes, so they can see who we are all, both by their own and so by ours. A time announced upon a Dark Spring Moon as globe-ship starts to look away. All is at once. To herald and unveil,  to have been and shall be as our own ships, seen by pale lined eyes, first saw the now, just when the whole illusion all began.”


            “Well, I don’t know what you make of that,” says William’s father, sinking back into his chair. “Very cryptic. Needs to be thought over for quite some time.”

William nods, but says nothing. For, in fact, those “cryptic” lines were perfectly clear to him. The whole text was a roadmap, a series of events “all at once” unveiling “the whole illusion”.

As so unfolds his first initiation…

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