Empath Journaling Questions: Part I

These are journaling questions I found on a book called Becoming an Empowered Empath, written by Wendy De Rosa. I think they are quite useful whether you are new to the empath concept, or already familiar with it. Journaling is a great tool to organise and process our thoughts and feelings. We always obtain some sort of insight that propels us forward or helps us gain a greater and deeper understanding of who we are. Being an empath in a world led by chaos, superficiality and materialism can be tough but right now we can learn from and teach each other about it. It’s time to embrace sensitivity and reconnect with the tender and softer side of humanity.

What were the qualities of my true essence as a child?

I think I was naturally calm and very sensitive. Soft is the word that comes to my mind. I would feel emotional about situations and people easily. Loud noises and confusion scared me. I remember one day I was with my parents watching a parade and I started crying because there was just too much going on. The sound was aggressive and people acted wild. My dad said I was silly and dumb. He was very impatient with me when I was going through a tender moment. I grew up interpreting his frustration and irritation over my hypersensitivity as a big defect, like I was broken and I couldn’t pass the test of life.

Did I feel seen, heard and valued as a child?

No, as a child I didn’t feel any of these. I was seen on the surface when behaving in a way that didn’t push anyone’s buttons. Whenever I tried to stand up for myself, I was met with angry voices and looks so I stopped trying at some point. I also never really felt that I could be myself. Being sensitive was part of my essence and that was unwelcome in my family.

What are the aspects of intuition that resonate most?

I developed the four aspects of intuition: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance. I have been particularly afraid of clairvoyance (seeing) so I try to suppress it unfortunately. Now and then I get images though and I can’t avoid it. I think claircognizance (knowing) was the aspect I accepted more easily next do clairsentience (feeling). Over the last couple of years I have developed and used clairaudience (hearing) a lot.

When did I learn I was intuitive?

I learned I was intuitive for real in 2015. Someone told me I was an indigo and I had no clue what that could be. Once I research it, I could recognise myself and I understood that perhaps I was not crazy, I just had strong intuitive skills and that’s why I could feel and read people’s energy.

When did I learn I was empath?

I only learned I was an empath much later. I probably only stumbled upon the concept around 2018. I was familiar with empathy but I had never heard about being an empath and I didn’t know what it entailed. It was another great relief. When you feel like an alien in the world, it’s nice to find comfort even if that comfort can only be found in books or videos from other people sharing their own experiences as empaths.

Do I feel seen, heard and valued today?

I have been working on this aspect since I realised I had issues with being seen, heard and valued. I have done a personal effort to offer myself the validation and support I needed from my parents when I was child. In my early adulthood, I seeked to fulfil these needs through romantic relationships and that’s one of the major reasons why relationships didn’t work out that well. Other people won’t fill in the blanks for you. If they feel that’s your wish, even unconsciously, they will eventually leave because that’s a hard burden to carry. We are not here to trap anyone and one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to learn to validate ourselves by seeing, hearing and valuing who we are in the first place.

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