Revelation Antarctica: The Morning After (24)

This week we keep following the storyline of William Harkwood, and his family’s association with the occult. If you have been following this narrative, William is part of an elite family who has been responsible for keeping a very peculiar tradition and a secret system of knowledge. In this week’s item you will learn what happens after William’s refusal to be part of this system. What will happen once he confronts his own father, Lord Harkwood?

About Revelation Antarctica

Written by Gordon Keirle-Smith, Revelation Antarctica is a book rich in provocative content and rich visuals designed to entice your imagination and guide you through a journey that will make you question humanity’s origins, the impact of the Moon on human behaviour, the existence of a highbred elite wanting to keep humanity under control, among other interesting topics such as reincarnation and mediumship. In a partnership with The Wellbeing Blogger, Gordon Keirle-Smith has been publishing and sharing items of his awesome book here on the blog and to which you can find hyperlinks to here.

This week’s item:

– 24 –
The Morning After

William’s mind is racing as he walks through the maze of corridors leading to his father’s study. Lord Harkwood has a reputation for not suffering fools lightly and after last night, he is not going to be tender-hearted!

What had he done? What had he been expected to do? And perhaps worst of all, what did this mean about his father and those secretive meetings in the ancient Druid Temple underneath Harkwood Hall?

William stands for a few moments in front of the heavy oak door leading into the study, desperately wishing he could be somewhere else, in another time… For this is likely to be even more harrowing than the previous night’s fearful initiation ceremony…

He grits his teeth and knocks, generating a wave of echoes reverberating along the corridor.

            “Come,” says the voice from within.

William turns the knob, pushes the heavy door open and steps into his father’s sanctum. A word now evoking terrifying associations after the previous night…

“Stand there,” Lord Harkwood barks, standing and pointing to a spot one yard in front of the imposing carved desk. William complies, his hands sweating, his heart pounding like a steam hammer.

For several long moments, Lord Harkwood stares at his only son and heir, eyes like fire, scrutinising the young man as if he wanted to lay his soul bare…

            “Do you realise what you have done?” he finally says. “Can you grasp how you have humiliated our entire Bloodline and me by acting as you did last night in front of our most auspicious brothers?”

            “No father, I do not know what I have done. Nor do I want to know. But I am fully aware of what I did not do… and I am… proud of having made my choice.”

Where did that come from? William is as surprised at what he has just said and how he said it as his father, making the older man even more irate.

            “What is this? Who has been teaching you this treachery? I have done everything to prepare you for your privileged initiation into the Ninth Order – reserved for the highest lineage – and you dishonour the Harkwood name and me! What possessed you?”

This question tones a bell in William’s mind. He closes his eyes and focuses on that moment during the initiation ceremony, standing there naked apart from his blindfold, with the powerful fragrance of the incense, the chanting and… what they expected of him. It was then – when he was suddenly able to see beyond the veil – see the angel showing him what he was expected to do and how he should deny it.

William opens his eyes, looking steadfastly at his father, the fear gone, a wave of confidence surging through him. As if the angel were there again, giving him the strength, the resolve to fend off what he did not want to know…

            “Father,” he says, with the same determination. “I do not wish to be part of what I felt and saw last night. It may be the Harkwood legacy, but it is a path I shall not follow, even if you disinherit me, even if you send me away from here, I refuse to be part of it.”

            “What are you talking about boy?” replies Harkwood in exasperation. “How can you possibly have seen anything? You were blindfolded, dammit…?”

            “I was shown what was there,” replies William in a calm, steady voice. “I saw all of you in a semicircle around the triangular altar, I saw you in your black hooded robe and the dagger in your hand. I saw the chalice… and I saw the child.”

Lord Harkwood looks as if he has been struck by a thunderbolt.

            “But it’s… impossible… I tied the blindfold myself, there’s no way…”

Once again, words not his own surge through the young man like a river on its way to the sea…

            “There WAS a way,” William asserts, his confidence becoming even stronger. “A way to salvation rather than a path to damnation!”

            “It cannot be…” his father bangs both fists on the desk. “The ultimate betrayal… what will the brothers think of this?”

            “What do YOU think of this?” says the borrowed voice through William’s lips. “It can be a turning point. A real New World Order.”

            “What do you know of New World Order?” mutters Harkwood, sitting down heavily in his enveloping leather armchair.

            “Perhaps more than you can think,” comes the answer. “From those in the Beginning, who were, are now and ever shall be… For as long as NOW lasts evermore…”

Later on, William writes more in his journal, having had some time to digest the events of the morning.

I’ve never seen my father as I saw him today. Instead of the self-confident, domineering Lord, furious at his son’s rebellion, he almost seemed to become another person. I don’t know if in some way the force I experienced last night and this morning was actually able to communicate with him…

Anyway, there are certainly some remarkable things going on…

And this is only the beginning, I keep telling myself. Or the angel figure keeps telling me. Although I’m even wondering if I’m the angel as well. It isn’t an outside force, just an extension of what I think of as being ‘me’.

The big question is what should I do now? Carry on with my studies at King’s College as if nothing had happened? Or do I embark on a quest to discover who I really am? The present context almost makes this seem self-indulgent. In any event, I have to seek out new horizons to help me understand what has happened in the last 24 hours.

Browsing more or less at random on the net this afternoon ,I came across something interesting. Maybe one of those synchronistic events people talk about so much these days? Anyway, it’s an organisation seeming to offset whatever it is my father is mixed up in – a kind of positive counterbalance. My yang to his yin.

It’s called the NZO, based on wisdom from the ancient Zandernation writings found in Antarctica apparently.

It seems they do seminars in their Scottish castle…

This might be something I should think about following up…

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