New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn Intuitive Tarot Reading

New Moons are a great opportunity to go within and assess our progress as human beings. Capricorn’s energy invites us to think about our material world and whether we have kept ourselves disciplined enough to put our life in order. We may find ourselves reflecting on how much our career is satisfying our needs or whether we have been gearing towards the right direction.

According to my tarot cards, we are coming out of a happy and festive mindset (PastTen of Cups) to embrace a time in which we are confronted with our own questions about life and the role we play in it (PresentFive of Wands). This confrontation doesn’t need to be embedded in a big drama as it rather seems a good exercise to correct course and align yourself with your true values and character.

Engaging and making the most of this energy and exercise will set you on a path of inner riches and positive outcomes in your external reality (FutureTen of Pentacles).

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