Full-Moon in Cancer

Full-moons are usually a period of time of great intensity. They often represent the “apex” of the monthly lunar cycle. From a psychological point of view, the full moon invites us to complete or conclude what we started around the new moon period and then let it all go.

This is also the time to think about what has been bothering and harming you. Make a list of negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, or toxic people you no longer want to entertain. Be brave to look within and make the most out of this healing period. The Full-Moon is offering you enough light to see the deepest and darkest bits of yourself.

Here’s your tarot reading for the upcoming Full-moon in Cancer:

Past – Wheel of Fortune

We have been feeling somewhat lucky and enthusiastic about creating order out of chaos in which we may perceive ourselves to be living. This is not just a result of any New Year’s resolutions you may have made. You feel the need and you feel empowered to structure and organize your life.

Present – Four of Cups

Although you have been impelled to make improvements in your life, you still feel like something is missing or that there’s something you’re not able to understand completely. You have been wanting to fix your life and yet you are not sure of what exactly you need to do or how you should go about it.

Future – Two of Wands

Your intuition will allow you to have a breakthrough. You will realize that it’s ok not to know the whole plan that life or God has for you. You will feel comfortable with the idea of taking one step at a time and you will transform uncertainty into a more creative force. This will lead you to a sense of being empowered and confident in your life’s vision.

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