A Thank You Letter to God

Dear God,

I know I’m not always grateful. I often miss the chance of being appreciative of people who love me and who give their best on a daily basis. I’m too picky sometimes. I have given more room to thoughts of what is missing from my life than time to notice the gifts that come to me every day. They all come from you.

You work in mysterious ways but I like the mystery. That’s where I find beauty in life. Although I may not see clearly where I’m going, I know your will. I know there’s a time for everything and that there is little to no reward for stubbornness. I also know you take care of every move and step. When a door closes, you are only training us to see beyond the obvious.

I’m thankful for everything you do. For every attempt to talk through your magical signs and moments of conflict. Each crisis is an opportunity to reassess and ask whether I’m following and serving the purpose you gave me. You bring discomfort in so that I know I’m not living the best way I can. Am I being true to myself? Am I pursuing my path?

We are all the same and yet we are all different. One of your greatest tests is exactly that one. Can we live with and beyond what sets us apart? Can we respect each other without sacrificing what makes us unique? Can we build a world where there is a place for every human being? Perhaps being ungrateful has a lot to do with the sense of not fitting in.

What would happen if we all felt like we belong? If it was all right to be who we are? Maybe we are not that appreciative yet because we don’t appreciate who we truly are in the first place. Maybe that’s one of your greatest lessons, and I know you are not giving a straightforward answer to such an existential question as a good father or mother would do.

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