New Moon in Aquarius

New Moons are a great opportunity to go within and assess our progress as human beings. Capricorn’s energy invites us to think about our material world and whether we have kept ourselves disciplined enough to put our life in order. We may find ourselves reflecting on how much our career is satisfying our needs or whether we have been gearing towards the right direction.

According to my tarot cards, we have been feeling like bad luck has reigned recently (PastAce of Cups, reversed). It’s interesting to point out that Venus has been in retrograde since December 19th and when this planet is in retrograde love and finance can take a turn down. As a result, we have been asking ourselves if we are in the right place with the right people. Thankfully, Venus goes direct on January 29th.

The current energy is dominated by a shift in perception (PresentDeath, reversed). It’s the end of a big cycle and we are ready to finally embrace the refreshing and upright energy of Aquarius. We are heading towards a time of greater alignment and clarity about what our soul needs and purpose. We are willing to leave suffering aside and do what is needed by embracing acceptance and taking one step at a time towards self-fulfillment (FutureTen of Swords, reversed).

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