What Are Twin Flames?

The concept of Twin Flames is older than one might think. Even ancient philosophical schools pondered the division of the sexes, giving birth to different opinions and theories. The general idea is that the human soul was originally androgynous and then divided into two parts, male and female. Each part would remain unperfect, or out of balance, until its reunion with its counterpart. Schools differ, however, in their viewpoints regarding the way this reunion occurs.

One school of thought believes the reunion occurs through a loving connection between the two sexes. This would imply we are incomplete beings and unable to achieve spiritual development by ourselves. It’s the old metaphor of wanting to fall in love and find the other perfect half. I personally think this view is disempowering and perhaps quite realistic. There is no such thing as perfection and we are not exactly half-beings.

Another school of thought suggests we are spiritually complete and yet we come into the material world with only one part – male or female – active and the other part latent. The goal would then be to reactivate the latent part through the association with someone who can awake such qualities in us. The union wouldn’t be an end in itself but a process, a sacred connection based on companionship and mutual help, in which two individuals seek to develop themselves to the fullest.

Twin Flames are not to be confused with Soul Mates though. Soul Mates can be lovers but also friends or even pets. They represent love but not in an exquisite and unconditional way as in a Twin Flame connection. It is believed we can have multiple soul mates but only one Twin Flame. Twin Flames hold a specific cosmic frequency, which was originally split into two to gather enough experience before finding each other again. This resembles Aristotle’s idea that love is one single soul inhabiting two bodies.

In theory, everyone has a Twin Flame, but not everyone is meant to find their Twin in this lifetime. You may have to experience many lives before you are ready to find, meet and reunite with your Twin Flame. Even when you do so, it’s not entirely a happily ever after story. This connection requires you to mature and develop your multiple selves or bodies. It involves a lot of hard work because you will be looking at someone who reflects both your best and worst.

Finding your Twin Flame has been described as looking at yourself in a mirror. It’s like you knew them before you met and everything about them sounds and feels familiar. Mutual recognition often happens at eye level and the experience of time-lapse is frequently reported. It’s not uncommon to feel like time just flew by when you are in a deep connection with your Twin. It’s a multidimensional experience and even paranormal phenomena may occur or be enhanced. Telepathy and feeling each other’s presence even when separated are only two examples.

Due to its intensity and inherent challenges, Twin Flame relationships are not for the faint-hearted. You are constantly being pushed to outgrow yourself and explore aspects that you may have oppressed across many lifetimes. You must endure the task of knowing yourself and being open to learning. Your Twin is meant to highlight your good aspects but also challenge you to overcome your fears and ugly bits. You must trust the process and find a healthy balance between life as you knew and life as you will know after meeting your cosmic match.

Could you be in a Twin Flame Journey? Do you want to know more about your own Twin Flame process? Let’s have a chat and find out how I can help you navigate through this experience.

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  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve heard about twin flames before but never knew what they were, but this has explained it perfectly x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fantastic, thank you for your feedback! I’m glad it helped to clear it out x


  2. I’ve heard of twin flames before and have read a few pieces about it; this was another really informative explanation — thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy it served its purpose 🤗 Thank you for your feedback ❤️


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