Full Moon in Leo

Full-moons are usually a period of time of great intensity. They often represent the “apex” of the monthly lunar cycle. From a psychological point of view, the full moon invites us to complete or conclude what we started around the new moon period and then let it all go. This is also the time to think about what has been bothering and harming you. Make a list of negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, or toxic people you no longer want to entertain. Be brave to look within and make the most out of this healing period. The Full-Moon is offering you enough light to see the deepest and darkest bits of yourself.

Here’s your tarot reading for the upcoming Full-moon in Leo:

Past: The Fool (Reversed)

We’re emerging from two weeks of introspection and healing. We are not new to this experience but we have been struggling and processing a lot of spiritual aspects with a greater level of awareness and knowledge.

Present: Ten of Cups

We are starting to be ready to give and receive love from a place in which we feel much more centered and grounded. The most important conclusions are now clear.

Future: The Queen of Cups

This is the completion of a cycle of thinking about who we are and where we stand in life. Both the present and the future feel lighter and brighter now. There is loving energy surrounding us.

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