Twin Flames New Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading

New Moons are a great opportunity to go within and assess our progress as human beings. Pisces’ energy invites us to think about our emotions and whether we have kept connected to our subjective experiences. We may find ourselves reflecting on our emotions and intentions. Are we in tune with who we are? What are we feeling? And why? What can the Tarot tell us about the energy surrounding Twin Flames in this New Moon?

Current Energy

The Eight of Cups (reversed) suggests you are leaving a situation or issue behind without necessarily closing the door to it. You are making a move towards protecting your health and well-being by choosing to distance yourself at the moment.

Divine Masculine

The Tower (reversed) indicates you are going through a sort of controlled fall. You know you are falling but you are grabbing whatever you can to avoid dealing with the pain and suffering associated with your healing process. You might be going through some sort of spiritual bypass.

Divine Feminine

The Queen of Swords (reversed) suggests you must be mindful of how you communicate your Truth. It’s important to express yourself but it’s equally important to do it from a loving and caring standpoint. Be mindful of your communication as you may come across as insensitive.

What to Focus On

The High Priestess indicates you need to focus on both light and shadow work. This requires you to look deep within and be willing to face not only your light but also your darkness. Reflection on past events and attitudes can shed light on what needs to be changed and how you can evolve further.

What Are Twin Flames?

The concept of Twin Flames is older than one might think. Even ancient philosophical schools pondered the division of the sexes, giving birth to different opinions and theories. The general idea is that the human soul was originally androgynous and then divided into two parts, male and female. Each part would remain unperfect, or out of balance, until its reunion with its counterpart. Schools differ, however, in their viewpoints regarding the way this reunion occurs.

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