Is Happiness a Realistic Goal?

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Dalai Lama

People have demoted me from the pursuit of happiness more times than I can count. They either say happiness is impossible to achieve, or they tell me I’m a hopeless fantasy seeker. At the end of the day, these are two different ways of saying exactly the same. Yet, if we believe each negative situation has a hidden positive intention, then I must say people demote fantasy seekers like me because they either don’t want us to get hurt, or they want to shake off their failed attempts at being happy.

We all wish for happiness and the world would be a better place if we were taught about it in school.

The funny thing is that people also disdain me when I’m unhappy, grumpy, or less energetic. This somehow proves that you will never be able to please Greeks and Trojans. So what shall you do? I think you should follow your heart and what you believe to be true, but if you worry about whether happiness is a realistic goal or not I can assure you that it is not only realistic as well as possible and desirable. We all wish for happiness and the world would be a better place if we were taught about it in school.

If you look at Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness, you will see that joy and happiness are closer to enlightenment than anger and shame. This scale was developed by David Hawkins thanks to a set of muscle testing and kinesiology measures. According to Hawkins, consciousness can be conceived as a multi-staged continuum of vibrational frequencies, with 1 being simply alive and 1000 in an advanced state of enlightenment. As it’s only natural, our level of consciousness can fluctuate and change due to multiple variables: what we eat, who we hang out with, and how we think are only a few examples.

Learning about what makes you happy and including more of that in your life is something that is far from silly. It is mandatory if you want to raise your consciousness and help humanity evolve as a kinder species.

For those who are interested in raising their consciousness, happiness is a realistic goal and a desirable one. It is rather impossible to be happy all the time, of course, and it is rather difficult to be in a pure state of bliss on a regular basis. However, we can aim to develop skills and strategies that enhance our level of consciousness. For instance, Horror films used to be my favorite genre of movies but I can’t watch them anymore because I don’t like the way I feel and think afterward. I no longer listen to heavy metal as I used to for the same reason.

I also like to plan my day and activities to make sure I manage my energy to the best of my ability. This allows me to experience a greater level of consciousness throughout the day and be a better person for myself and others. I know this can be a different and odd way to approach self-organization and life in general but I learned the hard way what is best for me and how I can be the best version of myself on a more regular basis. As a Sensitive person, I can only handle a certain amount of stimulation before I get tired and drained so I take energy management very seriously.

The pursuit of happiness is part of my toolbox to cope and recover my energy level. I like to add to my days what makes me feel good, not from a pure hedonistic point of view, but from a soul level. The list includes daily walks, listening to motivational talks, enjoying my surroundings, paying attention to natural motifs, reading a useful book chapter, and having a peaceful moment with coffee in the morning. As such, learning about what makes you happy and including more of that in your life is something that is far from wrong or silly. It is mandatory if you want to raise your consciousness and help humanity evolve as a kinder species.

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12 thoughts on “Is Happiness a Realistic Goal?

      1. How wonderfully and inspiringly well written. It great to see how you break down what happiness can mean to people and show some strategies as to how to try and reach it.
        Myself I try to be content with my life. I’ve found that this will help me deal with the negative feelings better and enjoy the positive ones more intensely. I like how you link it to the consciousness.
        However, I do still like to listen to some good heavy metal, or maybe a softer version, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Happiness is a choice. For some people, it’s hard to see any happiness because of the circumstances surrounding them. I can understand that, I’ve been there. I still have moments when I am doubtful that I will have it. I love words and something you said really hit home for me. It was that every “negative situation has a hidden positive intention.” Love those words. It aligns with my own path to adjusting my perception in life. In every instance, there’s a choice in how you want to look at the situation. It might take a little work, but I choose happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true Cassie – evenn I forget the power that idea has. I believe the good news is that the more we uplift ourselves, the easier it is to take everything with a grain of salt and don’t let ourselves merge with one-sided versions of reality. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your reflection 🤗


  2. I recently took an educational course on happiness. It is true we can’t be happy all the time but there is a certain amount of happiness that is under our control. This is where we can work on our thoughts and actions. A worthy goal indeed as it improves our mood and physical wellbeing.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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