What is Numerology? The Meaning of Numbers 1-9

Numerology is an ancient practice that retrieves meaning from the vibrational frequency of numbers. The basic principle of numerology is that a number is not simply an amount but a living qualitative reality. This idea goes back to Pythagoras, who believed that physical manifestation must be preceded by mathematical conception, and therefore numbers provide us with a tool to measure what might seem intangible in the first place.

Modern science has already shown that every manifestation has its own wavelength, a vibrational or electromagnetic signature that can be measured by numbers.

According to Pythagoras, each number has a nature, or vibration, of its own. Modern science has already shown that every manifestation has its own wavelength, a vibrational or electromagnetic signature that can be measured by numbers. In total, there are nine distinct vibrations, and Numerology works with such a system by attributing numbers to letters, which in turn have corresponding sound vibration and form.

Numerology can be a great source of self-knowledge and personal development since it provides an analysis of character based on the attributes of numbers present in personal data such as your birth name and date. As with everything else in nature though, numbers have both positive and negative qualities. A number resembles pretty much a coin, in the sense that each one of them can represent two sides of the same principle, the difference being only its degree of vibration.

Let’s see what Numerology can tell us about the meaning of numbers 1-9 based on each number’s positive and negative attributes.

Number OneNumber TwoNumber Three
Positives: Active, Ambitious, Confident, Doer, Individual, Inventive, Leader, Thinker

Negatives: Aggressive, Lazy, Self-conscious, Selfish, Stubborn
Positives: Cooperative, Friendly, Helpful, Modest, Neat, Diplomatic

Negatives: Easily hurt, Indecisive, Insecure, Over-emotional, Subservient, Timid
Positives: Cheerful, Humor, Enthusiastic

Negatives: Bored, Dislikes responsibility, Impulsive, Moody, Vain

Number FourNumber FiveNumber Six
Positives: Disciplined, Family lover, honest, organized, patient, patriotic, practical, reliable

Negatives: Argumentative, Humorless, Narrow-minded, Stern, Workaholic
Positives: Adaptable, Adventurous, Brave, Charming, Clever, Social, Witty

Negatives: Impatient, Irresponsible, Restless, Thoughtless
Positives: Artistic, Domestic, Humanitarian, Musical, Nurturer, Responsible

Negatives: Argumentative, Needs appreciation, self-righteous
Number SevenNumber EightNumber Nine
Positives: Dignified, Intuitive, Silent, Studious

Negatives: Aloof, Cold, Melancholy, Skeptical, Unapproachable
Positives: Ambitious, Balance of energies, Efficient, Executive ability, Stamina

Negatives: Impatient, Materialistic, Not frugal, Pushy, Thoughtless
Positives: Artistic abilities, Compassionate, Dramatic, Philanthropic, Unselfish

Negatives: Aimless, Burdened, Frustrated, Over-emotional, Unfulfilled
Positive and Negative aspects of numbers 1-9 according to Numerology

Concluding Thoughts

The power of numbers has been recognized since immemorial times. Pythagoras, the ancient philosopher, believed that numbers had inherent qualities. Picking on this, Numerology offers us an out-of-the-box tool to facilitate the exploratory journey of who we are. It works based on the principle that each number holds a particular vibrational signature and therefore attributes numbers to letters, which in turn correlate with specific sound vibrations and forms. Know your numbers and you will know more about yourself.

Know Thyself

Knowing the Self seems to be a universal quest and a human need deeply carved in our collective unconscious. In Psychology, knowing yourself is crucial for the development of your sense of self and identity. This involves knowing your values, your potential, your purpose in life, and finding healthy ways to express yourself.

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Numerology can give you plenty of information about yourself based on your name and birth-date. This constitutes your “Birth Code” and it can give you psychological input about your character, your talents, and the most favorable ways to express them. I offer 3 types of numerology chart reading.

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