Tarot Coaching: New Moon in Aries 2022

About the Moon

The Moon represents our emotions and our inner life. It is associated with the Feminine, the Yin energy, and the Mother archetype. The Moon involves aspects such as our intuition, our emotional reactions, and our motivation.

The New Moon Phase

The New Moon is great to plant the seeds for the future. It’s a time to cleanse and tap into your deepest dreams. This is the phase in which you can start manifesting what you want by making time to plan – not execute. You may find yourself more attuned to new ideas and tempted to increase your horizons so take advantage of that and begin writing or drawing what comes to your mind.

Your New Moon in Aries Tarot Report

The New Moon in Aries will take place on April 1st, 7:24 AM, GMT

The Main Message

The Devil (reversed) tells us that addictive behaviors can now be left in the past. Whether you have been involved with drugs, gambling, binge eating, or any other type of compulsive behavior, this New Moon is like a fresh start and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

What You Need to Release

The card Nine of Wands says it’s time to stop working hard and start working smarter. You might have been pushing yourself too much and embracing more tasks, events, or people than you can healthily manage. You might want to review how you have been managing your energy.

Divine Masculine

The Three of Swords (reversed) indicates you are moving from a place of sorrow and emotional heartbreak to a place of acceptance. You may have been facing emotional struggles that are now starting to heal.

Divine Feminine

The Five of Wands suggests you are seeking support through groups or communities that have shared interests or that can stimulate your growth and development through discussion and brainstorming.

What You Need to Focus On

The Ace of Wands (reversed) advises you to learn and integrate the natural laws of the universe. In order to manifest what you wish for, you need to make sure you are making good and correct use of those laws. Otherwise, you will find obstacles to your manifestation efforts.

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