The Powerful Healing Effects of Color

I guess it all started when ‘color therapy’ started to come to my head almost every day. Then I also started to follow someone on YouTube whose work is partly related to the use of colors as a healing method. Next, I bumped into someone in my department who was wearing a beautiful and colorful headband. It was yellow, orange, pink, and a little bit of blue and green here, and there. It definitely caught my eye and, more importantly, it made me smile! While I was telling my colleague how beautiful her headband was, my mind also whirled around with thoughts.

Color can have a positive influence on our and other people’s moods. This knowledge has been used in Marketing to elicit a specific action from you.

Isn’t that interesting, the power of colors? I should explore that more. It’s such a beautiful way to positively influence other people’s moods. That’s when I started doing more serious research into it. There are many books and articles on the psychology of colors. This knowledge has been used in Marketing to elicit a specific action from you and each color has specific properties.

Here is some information I discovered about primary colors: yellow, red, and blue. Yellow helps with memory, encourages communication, boosts confidence, and stimulates the nervous system. It is associated with happiness, energy, and optimism. Red elevates blood pressure, stimulates libido, boosts metabolism, and increases your level of enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. Blue helps you relax and deal with stressful situations, boosts open-heart communication, and enhances your intelligence and intuition.

I then moved on to studying other colors and different tones and shades of color, until I decided to apply this knowledge to myself. Based on my research I realized I had been unconsciously picking clothes whose colors clearly mirrored and reinforced my low mood. For instance, some of the colors I was wearing every day included black, dark grey, and dark olive green, which are associated with less positive feelings and sensations such as depression and fogginess. Empowered by this information, I thought I should find a way to reverse it by changing the colors I was choosing to put on myself.

Buying new clothes at this point in time, however, was out of the question. Instead, I decided to recycle some t-shirts, transform them into fashionable scarfs, and color them based on what I had studied about colors and their therapeutic effect. I first created a scarf in blue tones, because I needed to relax and reduce my anxiety levels. Then I decided to create another scarf to induce some calmness allied with some playfulness as well. It’s fun to make experiences with color!

Concluding Thoughts

Using color as a healing method might not be the first option we think of but it’s a powerful one. Since I began this journey of learning more about color and its impact on psychology, I’ve been using and mixing different colors when selecting pieces of clothing and accessories. Today, even my eyeglasses frames are picked with the impact of color in mind. I may not see them but I know people always find my eyeglasses fun.

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35 thoughts on “The Powerful Healing Effects of Color

  1. Wow ! I never knew about power of colours πŸ€”
    And that is really beautiful scarf πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’—

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  2. Nice post!! In Hindu religion color play and important part.. the colors you wear, the colors you eat thru food and the colors of our festivals.. every color effects our body and plays an important part in our well-being!

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  3. Love this! But I wear a lot of black & dark colors myself, whoops! But it’s very stereotypical of the region I live in the U.S. New Yorkers are kinda known for their all-black outfits, but that being said, I do know plenty of people that wear bright colors too.

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    1. Hehe I like NY style, we can always add colour with some nice accessories and use bolder make up πŸ₯° I loved your glitter series, made me want to get some sparkle for New Year’s Eve 🀩

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  4. I love learning about the psychology of colors and I was so excited to see you write a post about it! In fact, whenever I’m thinking about brands and whatnot, I consider what the colors make you feel!

    I definitely love being more colorful with my pieces. I used to only stick to safe colors but recently became fond of pops of color, especially with yellow!

    Thank you so much for sharing this interesting piece!

    Christina | Raising My Three and Me

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  5. Very interesting. I love red. I didn’t realize it raises blood pressure though. I like it because it’s strong, passionate and powerful. And some yellows just make me smile. I do like gray and black though. I think that grays are such a great neutral. So many colors pop against it without having to use black as a base. I’ll have to pay attention to whether or not the colors I choose are a reflection of my moods. Should be an interesting experiment.

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    1. Red is powerful 😊 All ways are good ways to use colours. There are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ colors, it all comes down to balance when putting them together. Some people are really good at it! I just stick with rainbow items 😁


  6. I love this blog because I can relate in so many ways. For example I recently added new colours to my home and it has enhanced my mood. Not only that but I’m always changing colours in my personal spaces whenever I feel the need to. Even the background colour of an app helps πŸ™‚

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