What Can Numerology Say About Your Psychology?

Numerology is the science behind the meaning of numbers. It’s an ancient practice and, according to it, each number holds a specific vibration or energy signature. This idea was carried by Pythagoras and his followers, who believed the universe could be explained by numbers and that each number would have a nature of its own. Pythagoreans saw number one, for instance, as the representation of unity, and the origin of everything. They also posited that even numbers had female energy and odd numbers masculine energy.

Pythagorean Numeric System

Numerology uses the Pythagorian Numeric System in which each letter of the alphabet is associated with a number between 1 and 9. Since letters are symbols for sound, Numerology uses numbers to know the ratios of vibration of each letter. Thanks to this system, Numerology can give us information about our character, our talents, and the most favorable ways to express them, solely based on information gathered in your birth date and birth name.

Your Birth Code: Numerology for Initiates

Your Birth Code is comprised of your day of birth, your birthdate, and your full birth name. These three aspects give you three numeric vibrations that tell you about your personality, your unique gifts and talents, your life’s purpose, and your best-fitting career. For instance, your birthday encodes the most mature version of yourself. Your birthdate offers you an overview of what you are meant to do with your life, while your full name, once decoded, can bring light on how to do it.

BirthdayBirth Day NumberGives you a glimpse of your Best Self, who you are when you are energetically aligned
BirthdateLife Path NumberOffers you an overview of your Life Path, what you are here to do
Birth name Destiny NumberAddresses the way you can express your Life Path, how you can manifest your talents and gifts
Your Birth Code Components

Intermediate and Advanced Numerology

Numerology can give us much more information than what our Birth Code entails. In Pythagorean Numerology, there are, in total, six aspects we can delve into. Besides your Birth Day Number, Life Purpose Number, and Destiny Number, it is also possible to calculate your First Impression Number, your Inner Soul Number, and your Character Number. These numbers give you additional information on how you perceive people when you meet them, what your soul desires, and how people tend to perceive you.

Additionally, you can trace your personal and your power cycles through numerology. These cycles are calculated based on your birth date and they can be useful as a strategical tool for personal empowerment. Knowing what days, months, and years are best to focus on X, Y, and Z can help you manage your efforts and setbacks. It is also possible to obtain information from numbers that show up in your astrological birth chart. This part of numerology explores our divine nature (or cosmic frequency signature). Astro-numerology is the name given to the study of numbers in astrological birth charts.

Concluding Thoughts

If Pythagoras, who developed the famous Pythagorean Theorem, believed numbers had specific vibrations and that these could be measured, I don’t see why we should not give Numerology some initial credit. Like other tools such as the Enneagram and Personality Tests, I believe Numerology can be an asset for those who are willing to expand their journey toward self-knowledge and self-empowerment. You will only know how powerful a tool is once you try it and have the chance to reflect on it. Find out what your personal numbers say about you here.

Know Thyself

Knowing the Self seems to be a universal quest and a human need deeply carved in our collective unconscious. In Psychology, knowing yourself is crucial for the development of your sense of self and identity. This involves knowing your values, your potential, your purpose in life, and finding healthy ways to express yourself.


Numerology can give you plenty of information about yourself based on your name and birth-date. This constitutes your “Birth Code” and it can give you psychological input about your character, your talents, and the most favorable ways to express them. I offer 3 types of numerology chart reading.

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