Tarot Coaching: Full Moon in Libra 2022

About the Moon

The Moon represents our emotions and our inner life. It is associated with the Feminine, the Yin energy, and the Mother archetype. The Moon involves aspects such as our intuition, our emotional reactions, and our motivation.

The Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon is a great time to look at what we have done since the New Moon phase, the time we plant new seeds for the future, and check-in with the results. How are you feeling about the goals we set two weeks ago? Are you feeling inspired or defeated? A lot can be going on right now in your feeling space, and that’s natural because full moons are intense periods. Be grateful for what has worked for you so far and release what didn’t. What stays and what goes? Forgive yourself and others so that you can create space for the upcoming lunar phase.

Your Full Moon in Libra Tarot Report

The Full Moon in Libra will take place on April 16th, 7:55 PM, GMT

  • Libra is an Air sign and it is ruled by Venus
  • A full moon in Libra invites us to focus on relationships and partnerships
  • The keyword is ‘Balance’

The Main Message

The Chariot (reversed) indicates you have been feeling quite imbalanced or misdirected in what comes to relationships and partnerships. You haven’t been able to see quite clearly which direction both new and old connections are taking. Who is meant to stay and who is meant to go? Take time to look deeper and assess this area of your life.

What You Need to Release

The card Nine of Swords suggests you need to come to terms with what no longer exists or that which has been transformed into something else. You have suffered mentally and emotionally over your relationships with others. It’s time to ask yourself why have you been suffering and choose to let that go. There is no special prize for those who keep choosing to wear a broken heart.

Divine Masculine

The Wheel of Fortune (reversed) indicates you are working through karmic patterns that haven’t been fully dealt with before. You may see this as a bad luck hand or you can assume your responsibility and reflect upon the root cause of your hardships around relationships and partnerships. What part of you lead you here? This is the time to focus on what has and hasn’t worked.

Divine Feminine

The Knight of Wands (reversed) suggests you may be lacking in motivation and drive. You may be feeling that you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted over the past two weeks. Make a list of your accomplishments and avoid being too hard on yourself. Perhaps this lack of motivation is an invitation to slow down and look into how relationships are affecting your life.

What You Need to Focus On

The Death card reaffirms the message that you have been learning what and who needs to go and stay in your life so that you can be reborn and start a lighter and happier chapter in your life. You have been going through a great transformation, learning more about yourself, your potential, and your own limitations. It is hard to let go of the old but you are also being invited to focus on the fact that you can have a fresh start with the right people and the right set of habits.

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  1. Penny says:

    This resonated with me A LOT! I have been feeling that I need new energies and connections in my life and I need to cut some ties. Thank you so much for your insight,Vanessa! x Penny

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The magic of the moon. Thanks for sharing your experience, Penny! 💚


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