Toxic, Bubbly, or Blah: A Guide to Navigate Through Your Social Circle

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Who is in Your Social Circle?

We all have friends that are either toxic, bubbly, or blah. Heck, some of us may fit into one of those categories. Actually, it’s very difficult not to fit onto one of those. All three are hard for the “well-adjusted” people to handle. Of course, who is well-adjusted anymore?

It’s very difficult to find someone that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, in this day and age. The well-adjusted, or “normal”, would be those that at times can enter into all three of these categories without being stuck into one all the time. The only position the normal people should lean into more is the bubbly crowd.

The “Blah” Person

Let’s talk for a minute about the “blah” person first and work out the other two extremes from there. The blah person is the one that you may know that is, for the most part, very boring. Never shows happiness or sadness and seems to be in the exact same place of life, at any given part of the time. These people are the most reliable of the three because they are always found at the same places, at the same time, every day.

If you need to talk out your own problems with someone, and just need a sounding board, these are those to seek out. These people have no true opinion, one way or the other. It’s kind of like talking to a mirror. You probably won’t get an answer to your problem from them, but instead, you talk your problem out and find a solution for yourself. Of course, if you have good news, these are probably not the ones you want to tell it to.

The “Toxic” Person

The “toxic” person is the worst type of friend to have. Although toxic, we all have this type of friend, and it’s hard not to keep them. We feel sorry for these people and are always looking for a way to put a smile on their faces (this smile rarely, if ever, manifests). These people are always in the dumps and never happy. You could hand a toxic person $1,000,000, and they would think you don’t like them because you didn’t give them $1,000,001.

These people could make the happiest person in the world want to give up within five minutes of conversation. Although we always want to help them, a toxic person’s only help is to help themselves. They must change their own attitude towards life before they will ever be happy. Toxic people will not listen or change for anyone, but themselves. Another way to describe a toxic person is the “Poor ole me Syndrome“.  If you are a toxic person, I suggest you read this paragraph again and again until it sinks in!

The “Bubbly” Person

The “bubby” person is the rarest of the three, and although sometimes they are too much to handle, these are wonderful people to know. These people bring joy to others and are a blessing to all they meet. Never showing a downside to anything. Bubbly people have a love for life in their hearts and don’t mind sharing with all.

These people are the only type that can bring a smile to the blah person and make the toxic person feel good, although for a short period of time. Are you a bubbly person? If you are, then you have people wanting to be around you all the time. This may be overwhelming to you sometimes, but don’t quit being who you are, we need more of your kind in the world today.

The “Normal” Person

Lastly, there are, what I like to call the well-adjusted or, “normal” people. These are the vast majority of people on earth today. These people switch between all three at different times. Usually, these people change according to those they are around. If you are one of these, I suggest trying to stay around the blah and bubbly people as much as possible. Try to stay away from the toxic folks if you have a problem with becoming who they are when in their vicinity.

Take the Quiz

Which Type of Person Are You?

My question for you today is, which type of person are you? Is there a category that you would rather be in than where you are now? The change is most definitely possible, however, going from a toxic person to a bubbly person is a huge jump! If you are toxic and want to change, I suggest working on being a blah person first, then working towards bubbly. Going from toxic to bubbly in a single leap might just overload your system, and scare the heck out of those that know you.

I hope this helps in some small way of assisting you in the discovery of yourselves. It is possible to change if you wish to do so. I don’t have a lot of hope for the middle age elderly people who are toxic, but anything is possible. Take care, my friends, and remember, we are all in this together. 

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7 thoughts on “Toxic, Bubbly, or Blah: A Guide to Navigate Through Your Social Circle

  1. I have definitely had friendships with people that fall into all categories. I would also say that I, myself, have fallen into all, but the toxic category. My toxic radar runs pretty high. I don’t have time for a lot of drama. It saps my energy. Because of that, I am careful about who I allow into my life. As for the other traits, I think people flow through them depending on different influences and life situations. It’s good to examine your role as a friend. I think people should strive to be the type of friend they would like to have. Good post, thank you for sharing it.

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  2. This was an interesting blog post to learn about the different types of person. I never really thought about putting people into categories. I think people have the ability to have pieces of each trait. Thank you for sharing.


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  3. I took the test. I am stunned now and need a cup of coffee. No one has ever called me that before so I am not sure how to react to that since whole my life I have been told I am anything but … normal


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