How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Naturally

how get your creative juices flowing naturally

Going into nature has always been my favourite way to get my creative juices flowing back. Whether I feel stuck on a project, or I simply need more ideas and solutions, I often choose to go for a walk outside and it rarely fails.

I live close to the big city so there are more buildings than wild natural sources around but even here it is possible to go out and find natural elements to marvel upon. From wildflowers to scattered trees, I can find elements to help me reconnect with nature, its beauty and its cycles. 

Creativity and Nature

Like Nature, creativity is cyclical. Our creative flow is not the same 24/7. For women, it even fluctuates a great deal throughout an entire month thanks to their period

This is one of the reasons why observing nature can teach and help us with getting our creative juices flowing. 

How Does Nature Inspire Creativity

In terms of patterns and cycles, there are many resemblances between nature’s clock and the creative process itself. 

For instance, there is a time to rest (night) and there is a time to be active (day). Mess up your rest schedule and you will see your creativity suffer as well as your overall wellbeing. 

Both nature and creativity go through different stages as time goes by. There is a phase to grow, a phase to expand, a phase to shine, and a phase to renew ourselves. 

In the cycle of creativity, these stages are known as

  • preparation
  • incubation
  • illumination 
  • verification

My moon course explores these stages through archetypes and it helps women tune into their natural creative flow by working with the different phases of the lunar cycle.

The Creative Cycle is usually described as having four stages or phases: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification

How Does Nature Influence Creativity

Nature is life in full action. To be and connect with nature is to connect with the most natural part of ourselves. 

Our nervous system has the capacity to tune into and sync with other people’s rhythms. The same is true with Nature.

When we move closer to natural elements – or even when we visualise them with our mind’s eye – we tap into nature’s clock and we manage to slow down our fast modern pace. Our cells go through a reset process and they start to move into a more natural state of functioning. That is the beauty of life! 

So whenever we feel stuck or blocked in our creative ventures, it is always a good idea to stop what we are doing and connect with natural elements. A walk in the park, a flower safari in the neighbourhood, or the simple mindfulness exercise of breathing some good fresh air, are all good strategies to put into action.

As nature bounces back, so too will our creative juices flow once again. By understanding how both nature and creativity can be deeply entrained and synchronized, we can manage our creativity with greater ease and wellbeing.

Final Thoughts 

Besides being a great ally in reducing anxiety, nature is our wisest counsellor and teacher. Tapping into its cycles and patterns allows us to learn how the creative process works and fluctuates.

Nature is ever flowing and so is human’s creativity. Its flow is not constant though, it fluctuates. By understanding and respecting the natural phases of creativity, we become better equipped to manage our own creative processes. We reduce frustration and increase productivity. 

Although many of us sometimes wish to be creative on demand, it is important to notice how different factors may influence creativity and its flow. Skipping sleep and staying up late to finish a creative project may be necessary sometimes but it does have a negative impact on our creative flow. 

There is a time to be active and a time to rest. A time to plant seeds and a time to harvest. Pay mindful attention to nature and your creative flow. You will find remarkable similarities and creative solutions to maintain your overall wellbeing.

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11 thoughts on “How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Naturally

  1. A great reminder that we are apart of something bigger and no matter the size of our egos, that something bigger dictates our life and pace.
    Maybe that is part of the reason I struggle lately, cos everything is cold and hibernating around here 🤔
    Thank you for reminder!


  2. I whole-heartedly agree with all of this! Getting outside and enjoying some nature for just half an hour each day makes all the difference to me, even if beforehand I couldn’t be bothered to leave the house.

    Nowadays, now that I’m fully remote-working, I will be making it more of a priority. I’ve recently also taken a huge interest in learning about how the lunar cycle affects us all, so will be checking out your course!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Louise! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience. That surely rings a bell. It’s so easy to skip this important aspect when working remotely and always in front of screen. I hope to make a brief intro to the lunar cycles on my YouTube channel some time soon if you are interested in knowing more before exploring the course ❤️


  3. The statement about rest being important and directly linked to creative juices flowing is spot on! As somebody who writes blog posts, I get “stuck” quite frequently. I live in chronic pain and as a result my sleep patterns are crazy.


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