Art Therapy Exercise: Your Tree of Life


The goal of this exercise is to create a shape that resembles a tree and which integrates past, present, and future aspects of your identity.

Step By Step

Step 1

Grab a blank piece of paper and art supplies you see fit. We used crayons, felt pens, and black markers.

Step 2

Section your blank page in three equal parts by creating three horizontal lines. The bottom section will represent your past and it will contain the roots of your tree. The mid-section will represent your present and it will reflect your present. The upper section represents your future and it will contain the branches of your tree.

Step 3

Start designing your tree by asking yourself what special memories or past events have been meaningful to you and your development as a person. You should draw a root for each one of them and write words or short descriptions of them.

Step 4

Next, you will draw the midsection and you will pick only one word that you find particularly significant right now. It can be a word that describes your current stage of life or represents you somehow in the present moment.

Step 5

Finally, you will create the branches of your tree by tracing both your hands. On the left side, you will trace your left hand and on the right side you will trace your right hand. The left hand will represent your dreams and aspirations. List 5 goals or dreams you would like to accomplish in the future. The right hand represents your values which will keep influencing your decisions in the future or which you would like to develop.

Step 6

Colour or decorate your tree as you like. Once you finish it, write a short description of your tree and reflect on the message and insights you got out of this exercise. Here are some questions you can use: What did I learn about myself? Does this tree represent me? How does the content of your tree contribute to your creative expression and artwork? How can I use this visual representation to guide my goals and dreams?


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