5 Good Habits That Immediately Boost Emotional Wellbeing

5 ways to boost your emotional wellbeing

To me, wellbeing is more than a fancy pair of yoga pants (nothing against that, I own a rainbow pair by the way) and a matcha latte. I don’t think I ever tried a matcha latte to be honest, but I do know several blogs that cover wellbeing – and matcha latte, in particular, seemed to be a very trendy theme in the recent past. 

Wellbeing is a multidimensional concept and, for that reason, it is complex in nature. There are many aspects that can and do influence wellbeing. In my Wellbeing Framework, I attend to 7 of them. However, that’s a big number to start our journey into wellbeing.   

That is why I am dividing my framework into two different chunks. There is the big framework and then there is what I decided to call Wellbeing Basics. Sometimes the basics are the hardest bits to manage, especially when we are going through a rough patch in life. 

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If we start with the basics and build a good foundation around them then we can later venture out into other destinations. The Wellbeing Basics integrate 3 fundamental aspects of our wellbeing:

  • physical wellbeing,
  • emotional wellbeing, and
  • mental wellbeing 

In a previous post, I addressed physical wellbeing and I shared 5 practical ways to boost it. In this post, I will be sharing with you 5 good habits that can help you navigate through your emotional reality and build resilience.

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

If physical wellbeing is about our overall physical health and fitness, emotional wellbeing includes our emotional health as well as the extent to which we can cope with and manage different emotions. 

How to Boost Your Emotional Wellbeing?

It entails aspects such as having a positive outlook on life, feeling life has meaning and purpose, having healthy emotional bonds with other people and being able to put healthy coping mechanisms into action.

If you want to start looking after your emotional wellbeing right away, here are 5 good habits you can adopt from today onward.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness for emotional wellbeing

Mindfulness became too big of a buzzword. That alone made me rethink my choices when I was doing a piece of research on it. Everyone wanted to be part of the movement. That’s what mindfulness became in the West, another movement. 

Multiple courses, variations and certifications were created to allure people to another panacea of the self-help industry. Mindfulness is not the problem though. People’s tendency to sell and breathe trends is the problem. 

All this to say you don’t need to be or feel overwhelmed when you hear or read the word mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply our capacity to ground our attention in the present moment – in what is happening right now both inside and outside of ourselves. 

2. Build Healthy Relationships

Some relationships can make you feel good, they are somewhat positive, but are they healthy for you? It is important to reflect on and address the quality of the connections you are invested in. 

Choose to spend your energy and time on people that understand and practice mutuality. Seek to establish bonds with those who uplift you but also challenge you when the moment and situation demand it. 

Search for like-minded people and connect with groups that share interests and hobbies with you. That can be a great source of opportunities to experience belongingness and emotional support.

Building healthy relationships is key for emotional wellbeing

3. Create Purpose and Meaning 

Find and create purpose and meaning to experience greater emotional wellbeing

Changing my mindset from finding to creating purpose and meaning has been one of the best mind shifts I have ever made. It moves us from a passive, receiving role, to a proactive and giving stance.

Of course that it is important to be in tune with the universe and our own intuition. However, there is a stage in which we need to take action and explore. 

Engage in different activities to find out what you like and what brings you joy. You can discover volunteer jobs nearby or even try out new hobbies. You will discover more about yourself and options to align both your values and passions. 

4. Practice Self-care

Self-care is likely the primary act of self-love. Pay attention to how you feel as that is often a good indicator of what needs are being unmet and what you need the most. 

It is also the best way to make sure your cup is full. It is humanly impossible to pour goodness into the world and others if you are running empty or even half empty! Add activities to your day that bring you relaxation and joy.

For some people, reading, going for a walk, taking a hot bath, or going for a massage work is self-care. Make a list of what works for you and learn more about the impact of self-care on wellbeing.

Practice self-care for emotional wellbeing

5. Seek Support

Seek support form a wellbeing professional as they can help you connect with the best tools and options based on your personality, lifestyle, and needs

Ask and seek support from people who are professionally qualified to help you. Wellbeing professionals are a huge add-on to your support system. While family and friends can offer you emotional support, a wellbeing professional can add objectivity, tools and guidance to your journey.

Final Thoughts 

Emotional wellbeing can influence both our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s also likely the dimension of wellbeing that most people have fewer tools and capacity to effectively manage. 

There are different activities and avenues you can pursue to boost your emotional wellbeing. These are only five suggestions. You can find more in the following three books I strongly recommend:

Book recommendation on emotional wellbeing and wisdom
Emotional Wisdom by
Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer
Book recommendation related to resilience, a key skill in emotional wellbeing
The Resilience Workbook by
Glenn Schiraldi
Book recommendations with plenty of self-care tools for greater emotional wellbeing
The Self-care Handbook by
Gill Hasson

Last but not least, working with a wellbeing professional can be of great benefit. Wellbeing professionals are equipped to assess and offer you options that are best tailored to your personality, lifestyle and needs. 

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6 thoughts on “5 Good Habits That Immediately Boost Emotional Wellbeing

  1. Thank you for this article. I do agree that there is more to well-being than matcha (which I just know as a green stuff😬). Right now I am focusing on practicing mindfulness, being in th moment and being aware of the thoughts that cross my mind. When a negative thought comes up, I try to gently shift to a positive one😀


  2. These are some great suggestions to help improve mental health and well-being. Self care is so important and I try to do it everyday or certainly weekly. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl


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