3 Old Shows to Laugh Your Way to Wellbeing

Shows to laugh your way to wellbeing

If you ask me if watching TV is good for your health and wellbeing, my answer is “it depends”. The problem is not the TV in itself but your behaviour and attitude toward it.

If you are mindlessly watching shows that add very little to your mental health, wellbeing and wisdom, then watching TV is not such a good option to spend your time. However, if you are using your TV to enrich your knowledge and mental health, which is possible, then I don’t see why watching TV can be a problem.

I recently decided to turn off the internet in the evening and use another type of entertainment to unwind. My go-to now is the TV and a channel that is all about comedy.

Although I don’t appreciate everything the TV has to offer, I love to laugh and there are some series that appeal to my humour. Here are three of my current favourites. They are somewhat old but perhaps that’s why I like them too.

Baby Daddy

This show stars a 20-something guy who finds out he’s a father when his ex-girlfriend leaves a baby at his doorstep. I don’t think this is the best argument to convivence you to give this one a try though. The reason I enjoy this show is that it is light and it has silly moments that any young adult my age can probably relate to. Plus, you get adorable scenes in which baby Emma is a pure delight.

Two and a Half Men

From this list, this is by far my favourite. I’m watching the oldest episodes and I like the humour of it. I’m sure some people will label the series as a toxic representation of women but I find the show very representative of the mindset of the late 90s and 00s. There is not a single character you can say it’s the perfect example of human conduct and I think the show displays a lot of the inner dialogue some of us entertain and which keeps us locked into shame and guilt.

Big Bang Theory

I can’t believe I’m including Big Bang Theory in this list but the show aired more than a decade ago! Time flies. This is a show that has a very particular type of humour too. It mixes geeky with casual and laid-back jokes. The show follows a group of science-inclined graduates who know very little about connecting with the opposite sex. Big Bang Theory is likely a reference and a badge to make social awkwardness less awkward.

Final Thoughts

Watching TV often gets a bad rep. However, I believe it’s all about the quality of what you decide to watch, its impact on your wellbeing – and, of course, the number of hours you spend doing it.

In the past, it used to be very difficult for me to make a transition between work-related tasks and leisure. More so because my home is also my office and studio. Adding a slot of time to watch some of my favourite comedy shows has made the transition easier.

TV comedy shows or sitcoms can also be a good way to boost emotional wellbeing. They appeal to humour – and laughing is for sure one of the best medicines.

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10 thoughts on “3 Old Shows to Laugh Your Way to Wellbeing

  1. I agree with you! When I was deep in a depressive meltdown years ago I turned to films to help me rediscover myself, specifically films I enjoyed as a child in the 80’s. It really helped, and led me to create my first mental health workshops based on Ghostbusters and E.T as well as others. My advice, cut out the news channels and just go for something you love, it really does lift you. My go to at the moment is Star Trek.

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  2. This post is so relatable. When I don’t understand what to watch in my free time, I end up watching Two and a Half Men. This tv series has some of the most hilarious adult dialogues. And no one can portray the character of Charlie Harper better than Charlie Sheen.


  3. I love laughing and really do feel laughter can be a great medicine. My go to show is Friends, I know it so well and despite seeing each episode a million times, it still makes me laugh out loud and can change a bad day into a good one.

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