How to Build Habits and Manage ADD with Printable Trackers

how to build habits and manage ADD

Setting and managing wellbeing habits is something that does not come naturally to everyone. It requires discipline, motivation and most of all sustained attention to keep focused on what we want to achieve. This can make habits and goal setting particularly challenging for those who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

For someone with ADD, staying organized and keeping track of different life aspects is a daily struggle. That is why working with printable trackers can become life-saving as it is a great tool and resource, especially for those of us who find it harder to finish what we start.

How do Printable Trackers Can Boost Wellbeing

Printable trackers give us a visual representation of how we are doing regarding one or a set of specific goals. I recently designed one to keep track of and monitor my daily steps, mood and weight. It has helped me a lot to stay motivated and it’s a fun reminder of what I am trying to achieve.

I have always liked visual aids but now that I am aware of my attention deficit, and how it has prevented me from achieving what I set myself to do, I’m using them – and tempted to design – even more. So far I have a weekly and monthly tracker.

However, there are lots of different printable trackers. It really depends on one’s imagination and needs. The one I’m using allows me to monitor my daily commitment to staying active, essential to physical wellbeing, and how I feel about my day.

Since it does not take me too long to log the data and I get to see it translated into colours, working through my weekly tracker has also been a way to look after my self-care needs. It becomes a “me time” activity that creates space for self-reflection too. My favourite part is definitely the mood tracker worksheet as I enjoy colouring in.

Benefits of Using Printable Trackers to Overcome ADD Challenges

Everyone needs structure and some sort of organisation system but those of us who deal with ADD need it more than others because it’s extremely hard to keep it all together. Plus, the visual side of working with a printable tracker really enhances our motivation. It gives us a direct, almost immediate sense of our progress.

Another positive outcome of using a printable tracker is that we can see a bigger task or goal broken down into smaller chunks of action. This is extremely important if we are prone to feel anxious or overwhelmed. We work toward our goal one day at a time and as we move forward it’s nice to look back and see how much we got done and accomplished.

Final Thoughts

I have in hand the hard task of losing a huge amount of weight. I have been struggling with it for a good couple of months. I started using journaling first but it didn’t help me much in terms of staying on track and getting pumped about my wellbeing habits and goals.

I have been using a tracker for almost three weeks now and I have been working through it on a daily basis. It keeps me motivated to do so because I enjoy seeing the spaces getting filled with different colours. I also have a space to log my daily steps, which I get from a mobile app I’m using.

I have now done a digital version of my tracker which you can get from my online shop. You will get a pdf printable tracker for 12 weeks which includes a mood tracker worksheet, a space for writing down your goals for the week, and a log of daily steps and weight.


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2 thoughts on “How to Build Habits and Manage ADD with Printable Trackers

  1. I love printable trackers! Everyone functions differently when it comes to being organized. I need something physical to keep me focused. Thank you for sharing!



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