Confidence Series: Art for Art’s Sake

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This week I re-joined Mark & Zac on their The Outsiders Podcast to talk about Creativity & Self-expression through the Arts. You can continue to listen to the discussion on several platforms (e.g. Spotify).

Notes from the Show

This week, Mark and Zac are joined by past contributor and follower of the show, Vanessa ‘The Wellbeing Blogger’. The group discuss the benefits of self expression and being ‘in the flow’ with particular focus on ‘Outsiders Art’, people not trained as artists but with the instinct as well as interest to release their creativity through artistic expression.

It is incredibly powerful as well as therapeutic to create art and therefore people should be encouraged to ‘self express’ and particularly within a safe and non judgemental space in order to find their own style and process.

One of the main reasons for our podcast show is to support and encourage those who feel the interest and desire to do something creative but haven’t yet found the confidence to do so.

As creative and expressive types, we can often live too long in ‘our heads’ and remain hidden ‘in the shadows’ without giving ourselves the opportunity to just try.


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