Become a Well-being Ambassador

Apply and join our community of social entrepreneurs who are passionate about well-being and want to inspire others every single day.

Rewards for Ambassadors

✔️ Get 20% discount on Well-being workbooks, workshops, and other live events
✔️ Earn 10% commission on any orders you generate
✔️ Lifetime access to the Well-being Hub, where you can find free tools to inspire and help others on their well-being journey
✔️ Access to our private Whatsapp group
✔️ Champion your role in your local community with a Certificate of Appreciation

An Ambassador’s Role

✔️ Be a dedicated well-being role model, sharing encouragement and motivation with others
✔️ Showcase at least one piece of content or product every month
✔️ Let us know what you think we can do to increase our community’s well-being

Become a Well-being Ambassador

Well-being is more than good health and feeling good. It’s about feeling whole, satisfied with different aspects of life, and committed to a higher purpose such as contributing to an overall culture of well-being.

The role of a Well-being Ambassador is to influence one’s own well-being and raise awareness of the importance of an overall culture of well-being that gives people permission to be and care for themselves.

You can act as a Well-being Ambassador in your blog, social media channels, or even in your local community. You can start making a difference in someone’s life today.

Join us and let’s make it happen!


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