The Truth Always Sets You Free

Bad looking, smelly, and clearly looking like someone who hadn’t had her beauty sleep, that’s how I showed up on campus. I had only one goal so I didn’t care at all about the way I was looking or the chance of bumping into people who would possibly see the worst version of me. Screw that. If I could, I would have had a good night’s sleep and a good, warm shower.

The view from my train seat, early Thursday morning.
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Do I Still Have Time?

If you missed my last blog post, I am currently spending the night at Gatwick’s airport. I love this kind of thing, because it always gives me a story to tell. After the bag mystery being solved, I moved to the second floor and I have been observing. Well, I have been reading and catching up with WordPress as well. While I was scrolling, a young girl with a huge backpack sat next to me. She seemed so young, wild and free. She was everything opposite to what I am feeling – old, grumpy, and locked.

One of my “hotel” roommates.
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A Night At Gatwick’s Airport

When I realised there were no buses or trains to Canterbury by the time I would arrive to Gatwick, I felt very pleased with my decision of returning to Lisbon. No, I’m not in Lisbon right now, I just arrived to Gatwick’s airport where I will spend the night until the next available train to the end of the world. Lucky me I get to experience one of those British movie scenes in which someone leaves an unattended bag in a seat and there are at least five people from security looking at the bag and whispering “don’t touch it”. Exciting times.

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Sensitivity, Extreme Empathy and Psi Phenomena

It was 2am when a Facebook Messenger notification showed up on my laptop screen. It was M., one of the very first people from whom I learned about Spirituality. Back then I didn’t know I would go from an atheist to someone who has her own connection with God, Source, Cosmic Energy, whatever you really prefer to call it. I didn’t know I would find out that the way I perceive reality is indeed peculiar. I didn’t know I would find a niche (three, actually) within Psychology that describes many of those peculiar experiences and I also didn’t know I would find so many references in Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Alchemy that back up the existence of a very subtle energy field which connects us all. Since a very young age, I have always had this thought: there is nothing new to be found, everything is already explained in very, very old texts. The more I grow and the more I explore, the more I confirm that thought. The fun and exciting part of wandering around libraries and hanging out with old, dusty books is exactly this: finding valuable information about our human experience that no one or very few people teach in the so called “Western World”. Those old, dusty books have reassured me that there is nothing wrong or abnormal with the way I (and many of you, I believe) perceive or feel.

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Life Update: Am I Downgrading or Upgrading?

I wanted to briefly say what has been going on and what is the current state of life on this side of the screen. I started adding “PS’s” one after another on my last blog post and each one of them were getting bigger and bigger so I decided the best thing to do was to copy/paste all the information and create a new post for it. So, simply put, that’s what this post will be about… a life update after my anger bursts.

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A Different Conception of Love

Whenever I have taken the Strengths and Virtues questionnaire, “love of learning” always comes within the first top positions. “Love” per se shows up, in general, closer to the bottom of the list though. The test is not about telling you whether you have “love”, “wisdom” or any other positive characteristic. We all have those in way or another. The extent to which we express and embody each one of the 24 strengths and virtues does, however, change as a function of our development and context.

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