To Come Back, Or Not Come Back

“When do you think you might be ready to come?”

That’s the question G. posed me. A question I don’t know the answer to. I can’t even identify what I feel. It’s a mix of everything. Anxiety. Panic. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Abandonment. Desperation. It’s all compressed inside this body which got sick again over the weekend. Since last September, I have been with some sort of cold at least once a month. Before I would get sick once a year, worst case scenario. Now I don’t remember what it is like to live healthy for more than a month.

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Going On A Self-Retreat

January was tough. I’m still catching up broken pieces of glass and cutting myself here and there. I don’t feel great everyday, but there is an inner knowing that reassures me I’m on the right path. To honour this path, I decided to review here what happened so far this year and why I will be giving myself a time to retreat during the upcoming New Moon (February 4th).

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We Need A Different Kind Of Management

I don’t know if I’m totally aware of the consequences of letting you know that I feel grateful for all the silent replies and horrid recruitment experiences that I have had. Looking at my own experiences and other people’s stories, I would that companies are not exactly interested in Talent. In other words, all the talk about Talent and maximising potential is a big pile of bullshit, because what they are looking for is people who will get the work done without too many questions. No one can deny that the Quest for Talent looks good on a piece of paper though. Conferences and forums are created annually, for instances, to discuss how to identify and recruit the most talented individuals on Earth. When we go back to reality though, we face the same old resistance to change, which is nothing more than our good and old human tendency to conform to what is known and to base our decisions upon heuristics. The momentum created in the expensive (and often luxurious) events rapidly fades and the Talent rarely hired.

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iChange Coaching Program Giveaway Result

Dear ones,

To celebrate the 500 followers on WordPress, I was offering one of my iChange Coaching Program, a 6-session program in which we work together to start changing your life for real!

Know more about this Program here

As I did in a previous giveaway, I attributed a number to each comment and then asked Google to randomly pick a number. This time, there were 5 different people commenting and Google gave me… the number 2!

This means that the winner of this giveaway was Tayana, the second person commenting on the giveaway post.

Congratulations Tayana!

I will be in touch soon so we can start working together!

My Everyday Makeup Look

First of all, I would like to start saying that this post was inspired by Erica’s blog and instagram. Erica is the author of and she is probably the only Beauty Blogger I follow regularly. And one of the reasons I have been following her is because she reviews drugstore beauty products as well, which are much more purse-friendly and a great start to anyone who doesn’t know much about beauty products. Second, this is totally not my usual type of post, but we are in 2019 and it’s time for me to open my door a little bit more and talk about other wellbeing-related topics. Beauty is one of those topics and women like myself who have put brains over beauty all their life shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk and share about beauty.

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Starting A Business From The Bottom

I just sat my bum on my comfy and warm bed to share with you what I have been up to these days. I was having a lot of difficulty with structuring a business where I can have the freedom to be the consultant, the academic, the campaigner, the change maker, the creative and the leader of a more conscious way of generating wealth and wellbeing for all. I basically didn’t know whether I should narrow down my entrepreneurial vision, or simply wait for some lightbulb moment.

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When You Feel Bad, But Your Life Is Changing

Yesterday night when everything became silent I found myself wanting to cry. Do you know those moments in which you think you are over something that happened, but you are not totally there yet? I think that’s what was going on with me last night. I suddenly missed people who are no longer in my life but who used to make me smile, laugh, and be healthily silly. As it has been my practise, I let myself cry. I stayed with the feeling and I did my best to own it. When this happens, I always remember a memorable scene from the movie Eat, Pray, Love, in which Richard from Texas advises Liz to own her feelings and let herself miss her last crush. He tells her to miss him, to send him love and light, but then to drop it too (I did a recent video about these two magical words – “drop it”!).

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