5 Ideas to Make Your Life Better Right Now

Sometimes, small changes or habits can change and have a great direct impact on the way we are perceiving life and how we are feeling about something distressful that might have happened to us. Whether you are going through a rough patch or you are simply interested in improving the quality of your life, there are practical ideas you can adopt right now to uplift your mood and increase your well-being. Here are five ideas you can use to make your life better right now.

The 6 Paradoxical Human Needs

Anthony Robbins suggests there are 6 human core needs. He divides these needs into personality needs and spiritual needs. Within the personality ones, he identifies the needs for certainty and uncertainty, the need for significance, and the need for love and connection. As for spiritual needs, Anthony talks about the need for growth and the need for grounding. Although it’s not an extensive categorization of human needs, this framework makes sense to me and it is a simple way to start to get to know ourselves a little bit more.

This framework or way to categorise our human needs makes sense to me. Of course, it’s not an extensive categorisation of our needs as human beings but it’s a simple way to start to get to know ourselves a little bit more. Using Anthony’s suggestion with a twist, I think these are indeed 6 paradoxical human needs.

Is Happiness a Realistic Goal?

realistic goal and a desirable one. It is rather impossible to be happy all the time, of course, and it is rather difficult to be in a pure state of bliss on a regular basis. However, we can aim to develop skills and strategies that enhance our level of consciousness.