Prepare for The New Year With These 3 Effective Journaling Prompts

Download a copy of this free workbook and start designing your New Year. Reflecting through journaling can bring new information to light and inspire you to explore new directions or different ways to lead your life.

Self-harm: These 3 Insidious Stereotypes Need to Go

Stereotypes are there to be broken. Our society is changing, and the pandemic has seen that. Our behaviours are altering and our ideals and values have moved on. The old society of masculinity, non-emotion and just getting on with it, is broken. It almost no longer exists but for some who cling on to its dying system.

The 9 Enneagram Personality Types

Finding out and learning more about your Enneagram personality type is often a breakthrough for many people. It not only describes the overall aspects of our personality it also offers us glimpses of potential blind spots and different levels of integration. There is more to the Enneagram than what we were able to cover here so I do hope your curiosity will lead you to learn even more about this tool. If you are already familiar with the enneagram, let me know what your personality type is in the comments!