What is the H.A.L.T. Method? A Psychological Guide to Stop Running on Empty

Being mindful of the first signs you are experiencing hunger, anger, loneliness, or tiredness can improve your decision-making and well-being a great deal. By paying attention to the first signs, you are able to manage and correct them before they are aggravated and exert a negative influence on your daily life. Seek healthy ways to stay physically satisfied and emotionally stable. Improving your nutrition, sleep, and finding creative outlets to express your emotions are only a few examples of strategies you may find useful.

Who is the Highly Sensitive Person?

Although being a highly sensitive person may feel like a curse or a nuisance, there is great strength in accepting what makes us unique. There are times in which my high sensitivity puts me in dark, complex places, but there are also many times in which it leads me to the most wonderful people, situations, and adventures. I believe we can do a lot of good to the world as long as we learn to first manage our needs and sensitivity. Learning to be assertive, when to say no, and just make a pause to rest are some of the skills we need to master in order to thrive n a world that is fast-paced and often emotionally dry.

The Best Diet for Optimal Health & Well-being

Although I’ve different approaches to diet, I have always thought that balance is key and that’s what we find in the whole-foods approach to diet. We don’t have to ban processed foods forever but we need to be more conscious of the frequency we consume them. Many of my snacks were based on cookies, biscuits, and breakfast cereals. These contain a lot of added sugar and they were responsible for aggravated mental health issues and physical problems. Replacing these foods with fruits and whole grains has been a huge game-changer.