How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Naturally

Nature’s cycles resemble the creative process a lot. Learn more about how connecting with nature can help you get your creative juices flowing with greater ease.

How Stoicism Can Improve Your Well-being & Mental Health

Let’s take a moment and explore how well-being and Stoicism relate. Better said, how Stoicism can improve your well-being. There are many facets of this ancient philosophy, which are still relevant today. We’ll first look at a brief introduction of what Stoicism is and then we will examine the Stoics’ view on how control can help us improve our well-being.

3 Psychological Traits Portuguese Are Known For

Although I’m surely biased for being Portuguese, I was not always a fan of my country and people. My positivity toward my nation grew a great deal while I lived abroad. Throughout that experience, I learned to cherish the little details of my country such as having plenty of sunlight and sandy beaches. Foods that I didn’t appreciate started to ignite my attention and curiosity. Today I can say I don’t think I would choose a different country to live in at least half of the time.

Nonetheless, I would say that Portugal’s recent popularity is due to some very specific traits most of us share, which may explain why we have only been reintroduced to other European fellows and even to the whole world just now.