Bewitch: The Pumpkin Soup Kids and Grown-ups Will Love

This pumpkin soup recipe will make any picky kid or grown-up love soup. Pumpkin is rich in micro-nutrients, which are vital for our nervous and immunological health.

Lettuce, Walnut & Honey Cake

My grandfather usually has some really nice, organic lettuces on his little allotment. On top of this, I’ve always wanted to explore recipes that include a good amount of greens. So, one day I challenged my grandmother, and we baked a lettuce cake that turned out pretty tasty! You will find the ingredients you need and the instructions to prepare it down below.

What Happens When Your Body is Low in Electrolytes?

Although water intake is essential, it is equally important to learn about electrolytes, their role in metabolism and homeostasis as well as the different ways imbalances can compromise our health and well-being. Electrolytes are essential minerals for mental health. When we look at the table of common symptoms of electrolyte imbalance we can find plenty of psychological experiences that are often linked to poor mental health. This shows how the mind and body are not separate from each other, and how nutritional imbalances can contribute to mental health and well-being.