Expressive Writing: The Sacred Art of Understanding Yourself Better

I believe writing can be a way to connect with life’s beauty. At least, when I write, I dive deep into our collective heart. That’s where we all exist equally, regardless of skin tone, size, shape, age, or belief system. That’s where good and bad are one too. When I slide into that space through writing, I do not only exist. I am one with myself and with the world. I just am, and I find beauty in the tiniest of details throughout that journey. Even in what we grow up to believe to be bad, ugly, or shameful.

What is Meditation? The Practice of Zazen

Meditation can offer you different benefits for well-being. These include increased self-awareness, a greater focus on the present moment, reduced stress, enhanced productivity, and improved self-regulation. I find Zazen meditation very useful and adequate to my needs and goals. I hope this post makes you curious to explore other meditation styles so that you can find one that suits your nature.

What is Karmic Astrology? The Role of Lunar Nodes

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is incredible the amount of insight you can get from a karmic astrology reading. In a nutshell, karmic astrology talks about past and future, the transformation and evolution of our soul or self. By looking at certain aspects of your birth chart, you can gather information about who you were, what prevents you from becoming a better version of yourself, and what you need to work on in order to self-actualise. Such understanding can only improve the relationship you have with yourself and others.