3 Techniques to Ground Yourself & Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety was born in the very same moment as mankind. And since we will never be able to master it, we will have to learn to live with it— just as we have learned to live with storms.

Paulo Coelho

Grounding, also known as earthing, is an important practice, especially for highly sensitive people and empaths, who are more prone to sense subtle energy. Grounding involves direct skin contact with the surface of the earth or with grounding devices. It helps us reconnect with the earth and rebalance our energy field. On top of an increased sense of well-being, earthing has been shown to reduce or alleviate inflammation related-problems such as redness, heat, swelling, and pain. Other findings also include positive effects on sleep as well as stress and anxiety reduction.

We seem to forget about it, but we are electrical beings. If you consider the number of electrical appliances we use and are exposed to today, it shouldn’t surprise you that we are living in a big electric bubble, with fewer and fewer opportunities to discharge the excess electric energy that runs through our bodies and organs. This creates imbalances in our nervous system, which is in itself electric in nature. These imbalances can in turn lead to serious mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being complications such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), chronic fatigue, and depression. To counteract this issue and protect your well-being, you can add Grounding activities to your daily routine. Here are three examples to get you started.

Walk Barefoot

The easiest way to ground yourself is by going barefoot. Place your feet directly on the ground, especially on green grass, moist sand, or soil.

Take a Dive in the Ocean

The most effective way to use water as a grounding tool is by diving into the sea or swimming in a lake. You can also have a bath with Epsom salt.

Go Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing emerged in the 80s in Japan as a therapeutic practice to help people recover from technology burnout and alienation from nature. It consists of spending more time immersed in nature.

Concluding Thoughts

I believe the overall message of this blog post and practice is that the more time you spend in nature, the more healing benefits you get. Whether you choose to make direct contact with the earth by going barefoot or immerse yourself in a forest, your body will thank you and recover from its electrical imbalances. Practices such as these can help us prevent and alleviate health and well-being issues that plague modern men and women.

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3 Life-Changing Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You are mostly by yourself and you need to find a routine that includes both your workload and your well-being. To be honest, it’s never easy to find a balance whether you are an entrepreneur, working for yourself, or an employee working for somebody else. I believe, however, that when you are an entrepreneur you really must look after your habits and pay mindful attention to your health and well-being so that you can be on top of your game most time.

With this in mind, I did a quick search, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and I found a couple of habits that have been reported over and over by successful entrepreneurs. To keep it simple and short, I selected three of these habits that I believe to be essential if you are an entrepreneur and want to experience peak performance while maintaining your well-being in check.

Wake Up Earlier

Through all these years, I have never been able to wake up ‘that’ early (#5amclub). I do try it often but I always fail – the temptation to hit the snooze button is bigger than my expectations from the previous day. However, I have been able to wake up around 6AM, so I’m using that time reference to start with.

Workout Regularly

Every time I set my mind to work out every day it doesn’t work. In the beginning, the idea sounds great but sooner or later it becomes overwhelming. Since I’m at a beginners stage again, I’m going with a minimum goal of walking at least 5 times a week and then reviewing my workout goals later so I can start adding strength exercises to my routine. I also write my workout commitments on my calendar as if they were work-related commitments.


Meditation is really important and I can confirm all the good benefits you can get from doing it. I do need to practice either meditation or any other contemplative practice in order to be calmer and less reactive, so my aim is to start meditating for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. You can listen to my guided meditations on Insight Timer.

Concluding Thoughts

Your journey as an entrepreneur is already packed with challenges and unique responsibilities. It’s important that you keep yourself healthy and that you take good care of your well-being. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of it and they engage in practices that allow them to develop habits that in the long term become key to their success. Waking up early, working out regularly, and meditating on a daily basis are three of the most recommended practices and habits by successful entrepreneurs. Why not give them a try and put their success tips to the test?

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How to Heal With the Four Elements

You can find this and other educational videos here.

I believe Nature is the mother of all Healing, and there have been plenty of research studies showing how practices such as earthing and walking in nature can benefit our well-being to a great deal. When we immerse ourselves in Nature, we also infuse ourselves with the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. It’s no wonder why the countryside has been sought for so many to decompress and recharge batteries. Even medieval kings and queens were doing it before it became cool in the twentieth century.

I once came across a statement that made me realize, in a deep way, the value of healing with the elements. It read:

“Place your hands into soil to feel grounded. Wade in water to feel emotionally healed. Fill your lungs with fresh air to feel mentally clear. Raise your face to the heat of the sun and connect with that fire to heal your own immense power.”

Victoria Erickson

It may sound simple but healing can be quite simple indeed as long as you reconnect yourself with Nature. I’ve noticed and experienced the power of healing with the elements quite a few times over the past decade. I’m sure that if you sit down to reflect, you will also recall situations and experiences in which you have tapped into the power of the elements – and benefited from it.


One of the best memories I have, from when I was a kid, is being at my grandfather’s garden and sitting directly on the ground next to my cousin. We would play with the reddish soil around us and contemplate the big world from that lovely seat that nature had provided us with. The feelings I recall from this experience are safety and security.


Before moving abroad, I started to realize the great impact that diving in the sea had on my mood and energy. Since then, I am always waiting for summertime and the chance to immerse myself in the sea. I come out lighter and more uplifted as if negative energy flows out of me and gets washed off by the salted water.


Another thing that deeply changes my mood and disposition is seeing myself in an open space. The greener, the better. It really broadens up my mental horizons and helps me get perspective onto problems and life situations that need solutions.


I’m pretty much like a lizard. Whenever the sun is out, I love being outside and feeling it on my skin. I love getting a tan but the greatest thing about being exposed to sunlight is the feeling of being somehow “recharged” and “reenergized” by its healthy heat.

Concluding Thoughts

Nature has great healing power and we can tap into it by connecting and harnessing the energy of the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Whatever the element you connect more easily with, you can consciously make the choice of raising your awareness of these elements and build upon their healing properties. Watching and sitting next to a fireplace, enjoying a sea salt bath, or walking in the woods can be recharging and a source of renewal.

Why Decluttering Improves Your Well-Being

After going through a decluttering session, you are likely to feel clearer and more energetic. This is a process that not only improves our physical space but also our headspace. We have more space both physically and mentally, which in turn gives us a certain sense of freedom and clarity. Such experience eventually overflows to other areas of our life.

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