Healthy Snacks: Baked Chickpeas

I love this snack since the moment I heard about it. It’s super easy to do and it’s ideal to substitute all those crunchy snacks we like to have while watching series or catching up with friends after a long working week.

Take note of what you will need:

  • a can of chickpeas
  • sesame oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ginger powder

How To Do It:

  • pre-heat the oven at 180C
  • rinse the chickpeas and place them in a bowl
  • add some sesame oil to your chickpeas and a pinch of salt, pepper, and ginger
  • mix everything altogether
  • place some kitchen foil on a oven tray
  • distribute your chickpeas evenly throughout the tray and put them to bake
  • let it bake for an hour or until they turn golden crispy

And there is your healthy snack, ready to be shared with your loved ones over some nice weekend program. You can also try different seasonings. I love paprika and mixed herbs. Have you ever tried baked chickpeas? Let me know in the comments.

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3 Life-Changing Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You are mostly by yourself and you need to find a routine that includes both your workload and your well-being. To be honest, it’s never easy to find a balance whether you are an entrepreneur, working for yourself, or an employee working for somebody else. I believe, however, that when you are an entrepreneur you really must look after your habits and pay mindful attention to your health and well-being so that you can be on top of your game most time.

With this in mind, I did a quick search, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and I found a couple of habits that have been reported over and over by successful entrepreneurs. To keep it simple and short, I selected three of these habits that I believe to be essential if you are an entrepreneur and want to experience peak performance while maintaining your well-being in check.

Wake Up Earlier

Through all these years, I have never been able to wake up ‘that’ early (#5amclub). I do try it often but I always fail – the temptation to hit the snooze button is bigger than my expectations from the previous day. However, I have been able to wake up around 6AM, so I’m using that time reference to start with.

Workout Regularly

Every time I set my mind to work out every day it doesn’t work. In the beginning, the idea sounds great but sooner or later it becomes overwhelming. Since I’m at a beginners stage again, I’m going with a minimum goal of walking at least 5 times a week and then reviewing my workout goals later so I can start adding strength exercises to my routine. I also write my workout commitments on my calendar as if they were work-related commitments.


Meditation is really important and I can confirm all the good benefits you can get from doing it. I do need to practice either meditation or any other contemplative practice in order to be calmer and less reactive, so my aim is to start meditating for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. You can listen to my guided meditations on Insight Timer.

Concluding Thoughts

Your journey as an entrepreneur is already packed with challenges and unique responsibilities. It’s important that you keep yourself healthy and that you take good care of your well-being. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of it and they engage in practices that allow them to develop habits that in the long term become key to their success. Waking up early, working out regularly, and meditating on a daily basis are three of the most recommended practices and habits by successful entrepreneurs. Why not give them a try and put their success tips to the test?

3 Life Lessons From Eat, Pray, Love

The other week I reviewed one of my non-fictional favorite movies. It might have been the third or fourth time I watched it, but it is amazing how we always find different nuggets of wisdom each time we watch or read something again. Elizabeth, the main character, has a story that always resonated with me. At first, I didn’t know why exactly but over the years I have gained clarity and insight into my own behavior and feelings around relationships.

Is Happiness a Realistic Goal?

realistic goal and a desirable one. It is rather impossible to be happy all the time, of course, and it is rather difficult to be in a pure state of bliss on a regular basis. However, we can aim to develop skills and strategies that enhance our level of consciousness.

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If You Had All The Time In The World, What Would You Do First?

This blog post is part of a 15-Day Soulful Prompts for Journaling. I invite you to write down the title on your notepad or typing software and let your soul speak through your fingertips.

Time. The number one asset that we are always complaining about and yet we do so little to manage it the best way we can. How often do we spend time in situations or go over tasks that matter so little to our life’s mission? How much time do we take to think about whether our priorities are set straight or not? Are we clear about what we want to take out from this lifetime? Or are we wasting time, jumping from one distraction to another?

It’s possible to manage time if we change the way we perceive and treat it. If we stop seeing time as a linear resource, in the sense that you only get a certain amount of it each day – and therefore you must do all the things you’ve been told you must – we also stop being run by such scarcity mentality. It’s this sense of scarcity that leads us to behave erratically and mismanage time. Instead of making good use of our skills and ability to organize how we live through the time we have, we give ourselves into the pressure of having to do everything and nothing every day.

Perhaps we should stop talking about time management and focus more on life management. There’s more to life than the concept of time as man has conceived it. Man’s current vision of time implies a beginning and an end, with life being something that happens in between those poles. What if time is infinite, and life endless? What if we are not supposed to be rushing around all the time and instead simply reflect on the quality of our days?

If we think about time and life as infinite, we can take the pressure off our shoulders and change the way we perceive time and life. Instead of thinking about how much more time can we add to a day, we would just evaluate how much more we lived when compared to the previous day. We would stop accumulating days and maybe live a lot more because when we add life to our days we magically expand our notion and perception of time.

So my question is this one: do we really need to think more about how much time do we have in a day or should we concentrate our attention on adding life to it? We have been trained to think that we must create time in order to live life as we would like it to be, but what if that’s the wrong principle, to begin with? Why not create life so that we don’t need to keep postponing our happiness and well-being by being time slaves? We must manage life, not time. Time is only a man-made asset and life is God-given, it’s sacred and it has a will of its own.

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