Our Community Values

Our Community Breathes Well-being

Our mindset and actions are driven by a set of values.

We believe these values inform our principles. They help us navigate through decision-making and cultivate well-being across different life areas.

Our values and principles also shape the work we do on a daily basis. They are the drive behind our Well-being Rainbowprint.

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Community Values & Principles

Each one of us is a leader of change, pursuing individual and group meaningful goals.

Each one of us seeks situations to gain new experiences without getting in our own or other people’s way.

Each one of us recognizes, emotionally experiences, and appreciates the beauty around us and the skill of others.

Each one of us helps, contributes, and feels responsible for helping others reach their goals.

Each one of us interacts from a place of empathy and genuine concern for another’s well-being.

Each one of us recognises the importance of nonviolent communication in the development of a culture of well-being.

Each one of us understands that every person has a unique sense of purpose or meaning in life.

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