Raw Food Nutrition


Raw Food nutrition is based on unprocessed, whole, plant-based foods. A raw-food or high-vibrational meal plan is composed of at least three-quarters of uncooked foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes.


Enzymes Optimisation
Raw food (or living food) contains essential food enzymes which are usually destroyed in the cooking process. These enzymes allow us to fully digest our foods without having to rely on our own digestive enzymes. This helps reducing the “sugar crash” after meals.

Metabolism Boost & Greater Energy
The energy consumed with raw foods is used to feed every cell rather than being used to get rid of toxins. This means that more energy is left available for other important processes in the body. Raw food also helps balancing blood sugar levels.

Stronger Immune System
Consuming living foods helps releasing toxins and reducing the load on the immune system to get rid of foreign invaders.

Mood Stabilisation
Living foods make us feel more upbeat and stable while processed foods make us feel tired, anxious, and depressed.

Greater Mental Focus
When eating raw foods, head fog is strongly reduced and we experience clearer thinking, but also greater focus and concentration.

Aspects I Can Help You With

Although Raw Food Nutrition may be a good fit for many conditions, I mainly work with people who have been diagnosed with the following conditions:

  • food addiction
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • hypothyroidism
  • depression
  • generalised anxiety
  • burnout


As a Raw Food Nutritionist, here are some of the methods I use in my sessions:

  • meal planning
  • detoxification
  • meal preparation workshops
  • coaching

How I Work

My sessions vary between 45 and 60 minutes. I offer long distance sessions through Skype, instant messaging, and e-mail.

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