Wellbeing Coaching


Wellbeing Coaching is a recent form of coaching in which you gain a clearer understanding of your problems and blockages, reframe and reinterpret your reality, explore and discover your potential, but also create a sense of meaning and purpose that inspires and motivates you to keep expanding your learning capabilities and growth as a human being.


People who work with a Wellbeing Coach often:

  • release their hidden potential and abilities,
  • find it easier to deal with normal life stresses,
  • work more productively,
  • gain or strengthen their sense of life purpose and meaning,
  • establish happier and more positive relationships with others,
  • overcome false and limiting beliefs,
  • experience greater self-confidence

Aspects I Can Help You With

Wellbeing Coaching is the right option for you if you:

  • feel overly stressed
  • have low energy
  • feel overwhelmed with frustration
  • experience self-doubt
  • are ready to challenge yourself
  • know what you want to get out of life


As a Wellbeing Coach, I work with people who are trying to cope with problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, stress, sleep problems, and other wellbeing-related issues. Some of my coaching methods include:

  • lifestyle changes
  • vision board
  • appreciative inquiry
  • goal setting
  • journalling
  • tailored individual homework

How I Work

My sessions vary between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the intensity of the aspects we will be working in each session. I offer virtual sessions through Skype, Zoom, instant messaging, and e-mail.

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