• The iChange Coaching Program is a one-on-one coaching program that will change YOUR LIFE in 6 sessions.

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Have you been overwhelmed so much lately that you don’t know what to do anymore with yourself and with your life?

Bad sleep? Migraines? Body pain for no apparent reason?

My online program gives you a life make over in 6 sessions. How?!
I will tell you how:

I have studied Psychology and Coaching for more than a decade now and on top of that I have used these tools myself to design and create a life that fits better with who I am.

Plus, experience with more than 5,000 people worldwide and a sensitive perception allow me to figure out what’s the best solution for you in almost no time. That’s why people can see change within six sessions! And if not, you will get your investment back because I don’t like to fool people!

So if you’re the real decision maker in your life, you can start changing your life today with the right kind of support.

How much?

Deal packages start at a one time investment of £250 – the price of a new smartphone invested in your mind and life’s wellbeing.

Have this in mind too…

Besides being designed and developed based on more than ten years of experience as a coach, this program has also been tested by clients from different countries and backgrounds.

And the approach is very simple: my job is to inspire you and give you the best coaching and psychology tools so that you can live the life you always wished for. All YOU have to do is to set the goal and make a commitment to yourself.

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