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A new organisational paradigm is emerging and growing. More and more businesses are being built by entrepreneurs who are not only interested in securing their economical growth but also in putting wellbeing and environmental issues on their business agenda. At The Wellbeing Blogger there is a very tight policy on what brands and companies we collab with. Our decision is always based on the answers to three particular questions. Is it…

  • wellbeing-friendly?
  • inspiring?
  • affordable?

Wellbeing-friendly brands and companies offer solutions that are ethical and which actually improve people’s lives. There is validated knowledge behind what they do and how they do it. Inspiring brands and organisations are those that have a strong why and which hold positive practises such as giving back to communities or finding ways to be more environment-friendly. Last but not least, affordability is very important. At The Wellbeing Blogger, we support companies that do their best to practise ethical pricing.

Based on these principles, you can find below a list of organisations we have collabed with in the past.

Buy Whole Foods Online

Buy Whole Foods Online is an international whole foods company highly dedicated to bring you the best health foods to you door. Based on the beautiful county of Kent in the United Kingdom, this company delivers top quality natural and organic across the UK and Europe. I collabed with Buy Whole Foods Online in the creation of two original healthy recipes using their fantastic products. What I liked the most about this business? They are family-driven and they are always on the lookout to do their best for both the environment and people’s wellbeing. You can check out my recipes here:

Yandra Tea Company

Yandra Tea Company offers you a mindful connection to the Earth by crafting luxurious products and keeping respectful to nature. One of their top products is their Rose Syrup, a 100% natural and vegan-friendly product that has the power to rock your drinks and the most exquisite desserts. I collabed with Yandra Tea Company in early 2019 and I personally tested their syrup in three delicious ways. What I liked the most about this business? Besides bringing their family’s traditional syrup recipe to the world, they are focused on establishing sustainable partnerships and giving back to the community as a way to reduce inequality and poverty.

You can check out my three delicious adventures with Yandra Tea’s rose syrup here.

Feel Your Feet / Dr Anders

Feel Your Feet was created by Dr Anders to promote foot health and prevent foot problems such as cracked heels and infected toenails. Based on her 20-years of professional experience, Dr Anders also created a fabulous range of foot care products which are ethical, cruelty free and formulated with natural ingredients. I collabed with Dr Anders in Summer 2019 to raise awareness of the importance of prioritising foot health on a daily basis, and I have been personally using her products ever since. What I liked the most about this business? Dr Anders is a very compassionate professional and she is strongly dedicated to improve people’s wellbeing by engaging, educating and treating them with the right information and products that she passionately created.

You can find more about my experience with Dr Anders’ foot care products here.

If you are a brand or a company, and you want to introduce your product or service to us, you can do so by reaching out through the form below.

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