January Moons

New Moon

Quiet Moon

Writing prompt:
Are my goals exciting enough for me?

January’s New Moon falls into the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign and is very focused on getting work done.

The New Moon in Capricorn can bring the focus and willingness to get things done. Self-discipline is easier to access around this time.

You can use this energy to come up with a down-to-earth plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Be careful to not be too critical or judgemental of yourself and others, when it comes to creative and professional outputs.

Card Deck
“I Go With the Moon”

Astropsychology Calendar

Heart Coherence

Full Moon

Wolf Moon

Writing prompt:
What makes me feel safe?

January’s Full Moon falls into the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a Water sign so it is associated with emotions.

The Full Moon in Cancer can bring up what we are emotionally missing. Relationships can feel quite triggering around this time too.

Pay attention to what you feel and make an effort to not give in to impulsive reactions. Instead, go within and remember the SEA method:

  • See what is it
  • Evaluate the meaning
  • Activate the best response

Safety across different life areas (e.g. finance, work) is a strong theme as well.

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