Numerology retrieves meaning from the vibration frequency of numbers. The basic principle of numerology is that numbers not only have quantitative but qualitative properties as well. This idea goes back to Pythagoras, who believed the universe could be explained by numbers and thus physical manifestation had to be preceded by mathematical conception.

Numerology can give you plenty of information about yourself based on your name and birth-date.

Modern science has shown that every manifestation has its own wavelength, a vibration or electromagnetic signature, that can be measured by numbers. In Numerology, numbers are attributed to letters, which have corresponding sound vibrations and forms. Based on this system, Numerology becomes a source of self-knowledge.

What Can You Learn?

Numerology can give you plenty of information about yourself based on your name and birth date. This constitutes your “Birth Code” and it can give you psychological input about your character, your talents, and the most favorable ways to express them.

Your Birth Code is comprised of your day of birth, your birth date, and your full birth name. These three aspects give you three numeric vibrations that tell you about your personality, your unique gifts and talents, your life’s purpose, and the best-fitting career paths for you.

Your Numerology Chart

I offer three types of numerology chart reading: Life Path Number, Expression Number, and Full Birth Code.

Life Path Number
  • What is your life purpose?

Offers you an overview of your Life Path, what you are here to do.

Expression Number
  • How can you manifest your life purpose?

Addresses the way you can express your Life Path, how you can manifest your talents and gifts.

Full Birth Code
  • Who are you at your best? What is your Life Purpose? How can you manifest it?

Includes your Life Path Number, Expression Number, Personality Number, Soul Urge Number, and Birth Day Number.


Life Path Number

This numerology packet comes with 25 pages with interesting facts and dives into details about what your number symbolizes. This was a lot of fun and serves as encouragement and guidance. I’m so excited to implement this into my life!

— Christina from

I’ve been on my authentic living journey for a while now, and I’ve come across Vanessa’s numerology readings in the perfect time. I was eager to learn about my life path number as I wanted to find my true mission and my strengths in life. I was in awe when I got my reading from her! I had no idea how spot on this reading would be, I was utterly shocked! Vanessa’s insight definitely gave me a sense of purpose in my life. Now I know what my true skills are. (I use media to connect with others and this was highlighted in my reading, wow!) Knowing yourself is the greatest act in this world, and you won’t regret working with Vanessa if you want to achieve that. I can’t thank her enough! So grateful that we have met!

— Penny from

Free Sample

Here is a sample of one of my readings (Life Path Number) to give you an idea of what you will have access to:

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