Welcome to our Wellbeing Library!

Are you ready to have a look at my bookshelf?

On this page, you will find a variety of books I’ve read and which I usually recommend to clients and other fellow bloggers who want to boost their wellbeing and health.

This selection of books will provide you with great insights and lessons on different aspects of wellbeing.

Benefits of Reading for Wellbeing

Reading in itself holds many benefits for wellbeing. Some of these include:

  • reduced stress,
  • improved concentration and mood
  • mental stimulation
  • relaxation

I hope you can enjoy some of these books! Remember to tag me on social media to let me know what you are currently reading.

Book Categories

Please select the category you would to see:

Know Thyself

Becoming Your True You
Heath Davis Havlick

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The Road Back to You
Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile

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The Strengths Workbook
Sally Bibb

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Creative Arts

Creative Journal Writing
Stephanie Dowrick

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Consciousness & Spirituality

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

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In Service to Love: Love Remembered
Darlene Green

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In Service to Love: Love Elevated
Darlene Green

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Life is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules
James Cusumano

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You Were Not Born to Suffer
Blake D. Bauer

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Wherever You Go, There You Are
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Well-being & Mental Health

Positive Thinking
Neil Francis

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Positive Mental Health
Dr. Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder

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Positive Male Mind
Dr. Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder 

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The Age of Wellbeing
David Green

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The Resilience Book
Glenn R. Schiraldi

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Emotional Wisdom
Montak Chia & Dena Saxer

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365 Days of Happiness
Jacqueline Pirtle

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Love & Relationships

The Final Gift of the Beloved
Barron Steffen

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Prescriptions from Dr. Love
Dr. Suzy Al Mushcab

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Emily Merrill

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Financial Well-being

How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven
Dr. John Demartini

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