New Book In Progress

How To Keep Mindful In a Stress-Driven Workplace

Top Tips From a Burnout Survivor and Mindfulness Expert

Hello there fabulous work-life ninjas! It’s Vanessa here, from

I am about to write a book in 90 days and thought I should let you know about it and how I am super committed to finally write another book – this time in English and on one of the topics I have been conducting research for over the past 5 years of my life: mindfulness meditation in the workplace.

But that’s not the main reason why I am writing this book. I am writing this book to help YOU and all of those who like me struggled or are still struggling drastically with stress at work. As such, this is not another book about mindfulness: it’s a book about how do we actually can be mindful in and outside of work in order to live happier and healthier.


book coverFREE eBook

If you subscribe to my e-mail list (which is 100% free!), you will receive not only updates from me while I am writing the book but also a free digital copy of it as soon as I get it done! Sounds good?! But that’s not all: you will also receive my exclusive content which includes psychology and coaching exercises, healthy recipes and suggestions to make sure that you have all you need to create and build the life you want for yourself.





Here are some of the things you will find inside my new book:

  • My Two-Part Burnout Story
  • Mindfulness: From Ancient Buddhism to The 21st Century Workplace
  • Stress: The Silent Killer
  • How Mindfulness Can Protect You From Stress
  • Ten Strategies To Build Your Own Mindfulness Bubble at Work



“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

— Mother Theresa


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