How Bright Are You? Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Howard Gardner’s approach to intelligence has made quite the impact on how human intelligence is perceived and assessed. Although cognitive competencies are prioritized within the traditional educational system, there is a growing number of alternative schools and frameworks that promote a diversity-based approach to intelligence and teaching. Learning about multiple intelligences can also be useful to individuals who are interested in personal growth and development.

What Is The Difference Between Wellness And Well-being?

I believe the two concepts, wellbeing and wellness, are different from each other, and yet intimately related. If you want to see them as the same, you can. If you want to see them as separate from each other, you also can. You can say wellness’ focus is physical activity and wellbeing’s mental activity. This creates difference by invoking a mind-body separation perspective. Is mind and body separate though? Again the discussion may be endless and I can only offer you here my own perception of it.

What is Your Love Language? Make Your Relationships Easier

Giving and receiving love should be relatively easy, right? We know that reality is more complex than that though. People perceive and feel love differently. Gary Chapman’s work teaches us that. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, you can benefit from identifying your primary love language. You will know more about yourself and potentially improve the way you give and receive love.